ATOMIC LAKE (LAKE CHAGAN), Kazakhstan Atomic Lake

During the heady days of the Cold War when Americans were blowing up Pacific Atolls and Nevada, the Soviets were blowing up nukes all over northeastern Kazakhstan, which is also the location of Atomic Lake (Also called Lake Chagan or Lake Balaplan). To create this 10,000,000 square meter body of water, them godless commies simply blew the top off of a mountain - an occurrence not permitted in a free democracy such as the United States of America unless there is coal under the mountain. The underground blast was the first of about 450 - 500 nukes set off in northeastern Kazakhstan during the period between 1949 to 1989.

But guess where they got the idea? From another boneheaded US Cold War initiative called Project Plowshare. Read about unintended consequences. UPDATED FOR 2016:
Beginning of the End Times Year 2016

  • OCT 20 BACK TO BACK SUPER TYPHOONS WHACK PHILLIPINES THIS WEEK Two Category 4 Typhoons (Sarika and Haima) have devastated the Northern Phillipines. At least 15,000 people are in evacuation centers.
  • OCT 18 SEPTEMBER 2016 HOTTEST SEPTEMBER OF ALL TIME GLOBALLY NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) reports the continued streak of hottest months since 1880 as September 2016 takes its place in the record books.
  • OCT 16 VAQUITA DOLPHIN POPULATION DOWN TO 60 AS ILLEGAL FISHING FINISHED OFF THE SPECIES We first posted an extinction warning for the vaquita dolphin ten years ago, and now time is truly running out. |READ|
  • OCT 14 CATMAP'S STATE OF THE PLANET MAP UPDATED Interactive map provides a global glimpse of climate, extinction, pollution, fossil fuel plunder, deforestation and other alarming indications of Earth's downward spiral. |VISIT|
  • OCT 13 WINTER ANTARCTIC LOW SEA ICE RECORDS Antarctic sea ice began retreating a month ahead of schedule and continued to set daily ice extent lows through September.
  • OCT 11 ACCELARATING WESTERN FOREST FIRE RATE CAUSED BY MAN MADE CLIMATE DYSFUNCTION A just released study from the University of Idaho concluded that anthropomorphic-driven global warming is behind a radical increase in Western forest fires.
  • OCT 10 NORTHERN ISLANDS WASHING INTO THE SEA AS PERMAFROST THAWS AND COLLAPSES A combination of fast rising seas and the melting of permafrost shorelines is causing the Siberian islands to lose 30 - 40 feet / year as they erode away.
  • OCT 9 900+ KILLED BY HURRICANE MATTHEW IN HAITI For a cursed nation still recovering from a 2010 earthquake, another mega disaster removes hope for millions.
  • OCT 5 NEWEST HANSEN RESEARCH HAS EARTH AT ITS WARMEST IN 115,000 YEARS According to former senior NASA climate scientist James Hansen (along with 11 other experts) global temperatures have increased to a level last seen during the Eemian era, when oceans were 20 ft higher than currently. Cyclical indeed.

  • OCT 3 HURRICANE MATTHEW THE MOST POWERFUL CAT 5 STORM IN LOW LATITUDES With winds varying between Cat 4 and Cat 5 (up to 160 mph sustained) is hitting the unfortunate island of Haiti with another catastrophic disaster.

  • SEPT 30 INDUSTRIAL FISHING HAS CAUSED A 90% LARGE PREDATOR FISH DECLINE IN 50 YEARS Fisheries are on the verge of collapse around the planet due to over fishing, plastic pollution and warming oceans.

  • SEPT 28 STUDY SAYS PLANET IS NOW HOTTER THAN AT ANY TIME IN 120,000 YEARS The research reported in the science journal Nature also claims that we will inevitably see global temperatures higher than they have been for 2 million years. Cyclical indeed.

  • SEPT 27 NEW ORLEANS NIGHTTIME TEMP DID NOT DIP BELOW 80 FOR 43 NIGHTS According to the Louisiana State Climatologist, the previous record was for 13 nights in 2010. Something must be going on!

    • SEPT 26 PACIFIC HEAT BLOB REAPPEARS The Weather Channel reports that the "anomalous" area of extra high water temperatures in the northern Pacific has returned. Along with the "fizzling" of the La Nina pattern, the new developments are expected to continue the trend of record breaking planetary high temperatures. La Nina is associated with abnormally cool surface water temperature and was supposed to turn around the effects of El Nino to some degree.

    • SEPT 21 ANOTHER MAJOR FISHERY IS ONE THE VERGE OF COLLAPSE A 45 foot wide sinkhole at a fertilizer plant in Mulberry, FL reports a massiv release of radioactive water into the water supply for millions of Florida residents.

    • SEPT 19 MASSIVE SINKHOLE DUMPS 215 MILLION GALLONS OF RADIOACTIVE WATER INTO FLORIDA AQUIFER A 45 foot wide sinkhole at a fertilizer plant in Mulberry, FL reports a massiv release of radioactive water into the water supply for millions of Florida residents.

    • SEPT 17 ST PETERSBURG DUMPS 150 MILLION GALLONS OF RAW-ISH SEWAGE INTO TAMPA BAY Hurricane Hermine was the trigger for yet another dump of partially untreated sewage into Tampa Bay. The seas are rising and the Floridan Republicans are in denial about infrastructure decay.

    • SEPT 16 THE 10 BROKEN RECORD YEARS FOR LOW ARCTIC ICE EXTENT HAVE OCCURRED SINCE 2005 The September minimum extent for Arctic Sea Ice has tied with 2007, despite a cool summer. Scientists have further noted that winter ice is not rebounding as it has in the past.

    • SEPT 14 ALL TIME HEAT SUMMER RECORDS AROUND USA Temps for the contiguous U.S. averaged 2.1F above the 20th century average, tying 2006 as the fifth warmest on record. California, Connecticut and Rhode Island each recorded their warmest summer, while Alaska's temps were the second hottest.

    • SEPT 13 AUGUST 2016 WAS THE HOTTEST ON RECORD FOR THE PLANET EARTH ...And tied with July 2016 for the hottest ever recorded.


    • SEPT 2 SOUTH CAROLINA BEE MASSACRE Dorchester County used aerial spraying to control Zika bearing mosquitos, but the Naled insecticide also killed millions of commercial bees. The death toll has not yet been tallied.

    • AUG 31 IN THE PAST SEVEN YEARS, 30% OF AFRICA'S ELEPHANTS HAVE BEEN KILLED "Since 2007 Africa has lost 144,000 elephants, primarily due to the ivory poaching crisis. Each year we are losing nearly 30,000 elephants." The Great Elephant Survery 2016

    • AUG 30 HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DEAD MUSSELS LINE LONG ISLAND SHORES A massive die-off of hundreds of thousands of mussels is attributed to higher water temperatures in Long Island Sound.

    • AUG 29 ARCTIC METHANE SPIKES The Arctic News reports significant upticks in methane releases from Alaska to Greenland on August 25 and 26 with levels as high as 2454 ppb. Methane is a powerful short term greenhouse gas.

    • AUG 28 EIGHT "500 YEAR" FLOODS IN THE PAST YEAR Following the epic Louisiana flooding disaster last week, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that 8 floods in the past year qualify as once-in-every-500-years events for the USA. |READ MORE|

  • OCT 17 RIP OFF PROSPERITY PREACHER THREATENS PEOPLE WHO DO NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP Kenneth Copeland told Christians they have to vote for Donald Trump or they will be held accountable for murder. "I don't know what it is about that you can't understand, but I'm telling you right now God Almighty is head of this nation, not people! Jesus of Nazareth is lord over the United States."
  • OCT 15 OILFIELD PRAYER DAY IN OKLAHOMA - DID YOU MISS IT? Anyone wondering whether the Christian Right has got Oklahoma by the balls, wonder no more. Governor Mary Fallin declared October 13 "Oilfield Prayer Day" so that Christians could thank God for the blessings created by the oil and gas industry. She did you mention whether or not they should thank Him for the earthquakes caused by the oil and gas industry.
  • OCT 14 TRUMPS JESUS LAISON CLAIMS THAT HIS BOSS'S INNOCENCE WILL BE PROVEN Donald Trump's evangelical spokesmodel Mike Pence says that the campaign has evidence that Donald Trump did not do the things that he bragged about. According to Pence: "There will be more evidence coming out." Meanwhile, Trumps is threatening the New York Times with a lawsuit. But will he actually file it? Don't think so.
  • OCT 11 KIM KARDASHIAN NOT DOING WELL AFTER LOSING DIAMOND TO ROBBERS!!!!! According to Khloe, Kim Kardashian is suffering some sort of PTSD after being robbed of her $4.5 million diamond by thugs. Khloe thanks everyone for their outpouring of support.
  • OCT 10 HANNITY POINTS OUT THAT KING DAVID HAD 500 CONCUBINES By way of defending Donald Trump's affinity for unrequested pussy grabbing, Hannity references the harem of moral role model King David...they monarch who sent a woman's husband to a sure death in battle so he could have her for his very own.
    • OCT 4 IT APPEARS THAT DONALD TRUMP IS AN EVEN BIGGER PIG THAN WE THOUGHT In a video tape from 2005, the Republican presidential candidate 'splains how women are ok with pussy grabbing if the man is a star. Cool.
    • OCT 4 WIKILEAKS EAGERLY AWAITED BLOCKBUSTER ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT HILLARY BUSTED NO BLOCKS Wikileaks founder Julian Assange failed to come through for Trump supporters as his promised bombshell fizzled during a non press conference. However, he is offering 40% off all Wikileaks books.
    • OCT 3 DONALD TRUMP'S LATEST CRISIS MAY MEAN HILLARY WAS RIGHT ABOUT NOT PAYING TAXES The creeping orange slime known as Donald Trump has developed some new / old problems regarding questionable finances as his 1995 tax returns are published by the New York Times.
    • SEPT 29 SLIMY INDIVIDUAL RUNNING PRESIDENCY DID BUSINESS WITH CUBA DURING EMBARGO Newsweek reporter Kurt Eichenwald has published a blockbuster story revealing that Donald Trump secretly circumvented the US embargo through a US front called Seven Arrows Investment and Development Corporation.

    • SEPT 28 CHRISTIAN POLITICAL GROUP WANTS WOMEN WHO HAVE ABORTIONS TO GET THE DEATH PENALTY Because thou shall not kill only applies to fetuses? Help us here.

    • SEPT 26 MAGICAL THINKING IN TUNISIA Add a devastating drought to the problems of Tunisians, who are also under constant threat of religious extremists. Meanwhile, in response to the drought, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has called for the citizens to pray, echoing a similar response during Oklahoma's extended drought.

    • SEPT 23 FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL "FELLOW" TELLS OF WITCHES ADVISING US LEADERS Robert Maginnis, a religious fanatic and bible prophecy nut working for the right wing hate group FRC, claims to have met personally with the witches who are advising our leaders.

    • SEPT 21 ARKANSAS SENATOR WANTS TO ROUND UP MUSLIMS AND THEIR FRIENDS Sen Jason Rapert (R) wants to round up "every single Muslim extremist sympathizer and other anti-American crazies." Once you start rounding up crazies, Jason, ya gotta be careful who they might take away next. Jason.

    • SEPT 20 MICHIGAN REPUBLICANS WHO CREATED THE PROBLEM HAVE STRIPPED FLINT OF THE RIGHT TO SUE THE STATE FOR LEAD WATER CRISIS The Receivership Transition Advisory Board has changed the rules under which the vassal city state is governed, making it impossible for the citizens to seek justice. They essentially gave they own selves immunity after the fact.

    • SEPT 19 DONALD TRUMP REVEALS THAT FORMER SECRETARY OF DEFENSE ROBERT GATES HAS AN UNDISCLOSED SOMETHING WRONG WITH HIM In response to Gates' criticism of Trump, the billionaire Tweet machine claimed about Gates: "He's a nasty guy. Probably has a problem that we don't know about."

    • SEPT 14 TWO OF THE NICEST MOST DECENT CORPORATIONS IN THE WORLD ARE PLANNING TO MERGE Bayer has succeeded in its initial buyout offer for Monsanto, which will further consolidate control of the world's commercial seed supply.

    • SEPT 12 KENTUCKY GOVERNOR SUGGESTS BLOODSHED AS A SOLUTION IF HILLARY WINS "The roots of the tree of liberty are watered by what? The blood. Of who? The tyrants to be sure, but who else? The patriots," he said. "Whose blood will be shed? It may be that of those in this room. It might be that of our children and grandchildren. I have nine children. It breaks my heart to think that it might be their blood that is needed to redeem something, to reclaim something, that we through our apathy and our indifference have given away. Don't let it happen."

    • SEPT 2 ALEX JONES BELIEVES THAT HE IS UNDER A "SICKENING" BEHIND-THE-SCENES ATTACK The agents Jones claims are after him include Satan and aliens. You'd think the mofo would be dead by now.

    • SEPT 1 EVANGELICAL CLAIMS HER CHRISTIAN BELIEFS EXEMPTS HER FROM FELONY CHILD ABUSE CHARGES OF BEATING HER CHILD WITH A COAT HANGER Thank you Mike Pence for the religous freedom law. The woman quloted scripture of course to defend the 36 bruises and hook marks she inflicted in the name of Jesus our Savior.

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