NEWLY NAMED TOXIC APOCALYPSE SITE #31 Norilsk Russia is a massive smelting and mining area that is so polluted in every way that trees won't grow within a 20 mile radius.

On the 20th Anniversary of P&G's historic settlement with the people of Hinkley, CA, the death of the town continues apace. STORY HERE.

Beginning of the End Times Year 2016
  • AUG 22 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DOCUMENTS THE GLOBAL SPREAD OF TOXIC SLIME The growing extent of toxic algae infestations of coastal waters is killing marine life and and poisoning the ocean. |READ|
  • AUG 21 A GOOD LOOKING GROUP OF ARMED WHITE LIVES MATTER MEMBERS STOOD OUTSIDE THE HOUSTON NAACP HEADQUARTERS The white supremacist types were waving Confederate Flags and assault rifles and protesting the fact that there are black people.
  • AUG 17 JULY SMASHES ALL TIME HEAT RECORD FOR ANY MONTH NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies reported that global mean temperatures in July 2016 were the warmest on record for any month dating back into the 19th century. So much for the global warming pause.
  • AUG 15 LETHAL LOUISIANA FLOODING AND STORMS UNPRECIDENTED Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards described the deadly floods around Baton Rouge as a "truly historic event". Incidents of epic weather around the planet are increasing, and even the residents of climate denying Red States are wondering. When you have multiple thousand year floods within months of each other, it just might be a sign.
  • AUG 8 RAIN BOMB KILLS DOZENS IN MACEDONIA According to a report from the Chinese Academy of Science, the Tibetan Plateau is turning to desert at an increased rate, and the extent of the affected area is growing. More on rain bombs here.
  • AUG 7 TIBET DESERTIFICATION INCREASING According to a report from the Chinese Academy of Science, the Tibetan Plateau is turning to desert at an increased rate, and the extent of the affected area is growing.
  • AUG 6 GREENLAND'S MELTING ICE CAP UNLEASHES BURIED TOXIC WASTE Buried 115 feet below the surface of Greenland's massive but shrinking ice sheet is a nasty treasure trove of hydrocarbons, sewage and radioactive coolant from a nuke on an abandoned US military base. The Camp Century toxic dump was thought to be "properly sequestered" but apparently it was not.
  • AUG 3 EAST FLOWER REEF IN GULF OF MEXICO DEVASTATED BY DIE OFF NOAA reports a horrifying and unprecedented die off of corals, sponges, sea urchins, brittle stars, clams and other marine life in a large are of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, usually considered a health area. Could be hot water temps, could be agricultural run-off but it's bad.
  • AUG 1 FLASH FLOODS IN MARYLAND CREATE A "WAR ZONE" Devastation in Howard County Maryland after record rainfall raises the Patapsco River 13 feet in a few hours. 6" of rain fell in two hours.
  • July 27 TWO MIDDLE EAST LOCATIONS MATCH ALL TIME PLANETARY HEAT RECORDS Mitribah, Kuwait and Basra, Iraq have both exceeded 54 degrees Celsius (129F) over the past few days, setting new records for the other hemisphere and posibly equalling the record set at Death Valley. The details are not critical.
  • July 26 ARCTIC SEA ICE SET NEW ALL TIME JUNE RECORD FOR NOT BEING THERE According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, summer sea ice area was 525,000 sq miles below the 1981-2010 long-term average and the rate of collapse is accelerating rapidly.
  • July 25 SIXTH "FEROCIOUS" WILDFIRE IN TWO MONTHS PROMPTS EVACUATION OF 1,500 IN SO CAL Los Angeles County Sherrif's Department ordered the evacuation of 10,000 homes as the "Sand Fire" swept virtually unchecked through Sand and Placerita Canyons.
  • July 19 ALL INSECT SPECIES ARE IN STEEP DECLINE GLOBALLY "The decline is dramatic and depressing and it affects all kinds of insects, including butterflies, wild bees, and hoverflies," - Martin Sorg, Krefeld Entomological Association.
  • July 15 TEXAS FLOODS SWEEP FRACKING FLUIDS AND OTHER TOXIC CHEMICALS INTO WATERWAYS The ElPaso Times reports that hydrocarbons from drilling and fracking flow directly into Texas waterways, includingthe Sabine River, Trinity, Red, and Colorado rivers. The Railroad Commission, which regulates the oil biz (not really) says don't worry. Everythang under control, y'all.
  • July 12 MORE DEADLY TOXINS LEAKING IN TEXAS Local news outlet Fox26 reports that dioxins have been leaking from the San Jacinto Waste Pits Superfund site in Harris County, near Houston. Residents of the area have been advised to stop drinking their water. Citizens have been arguing for decades that International Paper and Industrial Maintenance Corporation have been lying to them about the safety of the toxic dump.
  • July 8 UNDERWATER "KELP FORESTS" OFF AUSTRALIA ARE IN HOT WATER It is doubtful that this story will resonate with a large audience, but the kelp stands that provide an entire ecosystem for temperate marine life has been wiped out by global warming. Scientists describe this unprecedented event as a harbinger of the climate crisis as it gathers momentum.
  • July 6 MILLIONS OF TREES DYING IN CALIFORNIA DROUGHT NASA scientists have announced that the devastation to Sierra Nevada conifers "is far greater than previously observed." According to senior research scientists David Schimel, the multi-year event is best described as "millions of trees dying at once."
  • July 3 A STATE OF EMERGENCY HAS BEEN DECLARED IN SOUTHEAST FLORIDA DUE TO ANOTHER TOXIC ALGAE EVENT Beaches in St. Lucie and Martin counties are closed and the air is foul as the sugar cane operators direct their pollution to the coast.
  • June 29 THIRD PERUVIAN-AMAZON OIL SPILL SINCE JANUARY An old broke down oil pipeline run by Petroper has burst again, causing another major crude spill into the Maran River. The breached pipeline had been leaking for days before the oily boys noticed it. It's the third this year.
  • June 28 ECOSYSTEM-DESTROYING LIONFISH NOW MOVING INTO THE MEDITERRANEAN The venomous and unstoppable invasive species that is transforming the South Atlantic and Carribean coastal waters is now moving into the Mediterranean Sea, eating up everything in their path. They have no natural predators in these ecosystems and humans can't stop them.
  • June 27 THAT SINKING FEELING IN BEIJING AS CITY CENTER SUBSIDES China's capital city is sinking four inches a year as massive groundwater extraction shrinks the ground beneath the city. The Chaoyang business and entertainment district is sinking fastest. This situation is bad for infrastructure such as buildings and subways.
  • June 26 PANIC PREVAILS IN OMSK AS CYANIDE SPILL MOVES DOWNRIVER A massive dump of mining waste into the Ulba river is moving toward the city of Omsk about 700 miles away. Among other contaminates, the gray water contains zinc and cyanide. Although biologists are calling it an ecological disaster, officials say no biggier. Who do you believe?
  • June 25 RECORD STORMS AND DEVASTATION IN WEST VIRGINIA 24 people are dead and most counties in West Virginia have been declared disaster areas as rescue workers describe the worst flooding of all time in the Kanawha Valley.
  • June 22 MAY 2016 DROUGHT AND RECORD HIGH TEMPS DRIVING ONGOING SOUTHWESTERN WILDFIRE OUTBREAK Multiple wildfires in 8 Western states burned up tens of thousands of acres and forced more evacuations in residential areas.
  • June 21 MAY 2016 REGISTERS THE HIGHEST (SAME MONTH) GLOBAL TEMP AVERAGES FOR THE 13TH CONSECUTIVE MONTH May temperature for land and ocean 1.57F higher than the 20th century average, which beat the previous record set in 2015 by 0.04F. The merry month of May 2016 tied with June 2015 and August 2015 as the 12th hottest month on record.
  • June 19 ATMOSPHERIC CO2 IN ANTARCTICA PASSED THE 400 ppm MARK FOR THE FIRST TIME IS MILLIONS OF YEARS Fire up the Tahoe and go for a celebration spin boys and girls, as CO2 levels at the South Pole cross over the 400 ppm mark. Antarctica has historically lagged behind the rest of the globe in terms of global warming effects but globally, the annual rate of carbon dioxide increase continues to accelerate. Annual growth rate for 2015 increased over 3.05 ppm.
  • June 14 SAUDI ARABIA IN SIBERIA It is 95 Degrees across the Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Altai, Krasnoyarsk and Tuva regions of Siberia as the once frozen regions of eastern Russia turn tropical. The risk of wildfires is extremely high.
  • June 16 WILDFIRES AND EVACUATION BEGIN IN SOCAL AS RECORD SEASON IS ANTICIPATED Route 101 was closed again near Santa Barbara as the Southwest USA and Plains states prepare for another record heat wave. El Nino did not fix the drought.
  • June 14 SAUDI ARABIA IN SIBERIA It is 95 Degrees across the Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Altai, Krasnoyarsk and Tuva regions of Siberia as the once frozen regions of eastern Russia turn tropical. The risk of wildfires is extremely high.
  • June 13 ARCTIC SEA ICE SETS MAY RECORD FOR LOWEST LEVEL Arctic sea ice area was 224,000 smaller than the previous low (2004) by a wide margin. Record lows were also set in January, February and April. In general, sea ice is melting anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks faster than normal, with temps averaging 5F above normal.
  • June 11 GREENLAND SETS ALL TIME TEMP RECORD FOR JUNE Greenland's balmy capital city Nuuk hit 75F, the highest temp ever recorded for June.
  • AUG 21 TRUMP'S FORMER CAMPAIGN MANAGER MAY BE LOOKING AT FELONY CHARGES The Times of London reports Paul Manafort - who is generally a sleazeball anyway - may have helped enable Russia's annexation of Crimea. A Ukrainian prosecutor accused Manafort last year of helping Viktor Yanukovych organize protests against NATO.

  • AUG 19 TRUMP'S FORMER CAMPAIGN MANAGER MAY BE LOOKING AT FELONY CHARGES The Times of London reports Paul Manafort - who is generally a sleazeball anyway - may have helped enable Russia's annexation of Crimea. A Ukrainian prosecutor accused Manafort last year of helping Viktor Yanukovych organize protests against NATO.

  • AUG 17 TRUMP NAMES THE MAN WHO DESTROYED KANSAS' ECONOMY AS AN AGRICULTURAL ADVISOR Extreme right wing governor Sam Brownback has been named as Donald Trump's agricultural advisor. Under Brownback's draconion tax cuts for the rich, the state has been plunged into an unprecedented economic crisis. That's the kind of guy you would choose if you were the kind of guy who has been bankrupt four times.

  • AUG 15 PASTOR HAGEE TELLS US GOD MADE LESBIANS FLAT FOR A REASON The pastor of the highly profitable John Hagee Ministries explains that lesbians are "the scourge of the earth." To make sure that we can tell them apart from regular women, who all presumably have large hooters, God made "most" lesbians flat chested, or as Mr. Hagee says "flat as an ironing board."

  • AUG 11 TRUMP CLAIMS OBAMA AND CLINTON ARE FOUNDERS OF ISIS Speaking to a crowd of other silly dillusional citizens in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Don accused Obama of creating the Islamic State, further claiming that the terrorist outfit "honors" him. He did not say how he came by this information, but does not matter to his acolytes.

  • AUG 9 WHITE SUPREMACIST NEAR BUFFALO BLOWS UP HIS OWN SELF As if to prove that white people really are superior, former corrections officer and apparent NAZI Michael O'Neill blew his leg off working on a homemade bomb. Police found materials from the Ku Klux Klan and a Confederate flag, but did not find his Mensa membership card.

  • AUG 7 CHRIST CHRISTIE HANDLER DITCHES GOP OVER TRUMP Maria Comella has broken with the fat political governor thing she helped create by moving her support to Hillary Clinton. Comella told CNN: "Donald Trump has been a demagogue this whole time, preying on people's anxieties with loose information and salacious rhetoric, drumming up fear and hatred of the 'other'."

  • AUG 5 THE CRYING BABY THAT MADE DONALD LOOK BAD WAS A PLANT Presumably by liberals or worse, trying to make Trump look bad (humor?). This, according to leading conspiracy fabricator nut Alex Jones. How much the baby was paid has not yet been revealed.

  • AUG 3 BEN CARSON WANTS KHANS TO APOLOGIZE TO TRUMP FOR SLANDERING HIM Yes, it's all real and it's happening in your country! Carson told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that the Khan's owe Donald Trump an apology for saying things that aren't true. But he didn't say what the things were.

  • JULY 29 COULTER MOCKS FATHER OF FALLEN MUSLIM WAR HERO Ann Coulter, an individual who seems to be evil, has mocked a speech by Khizr Khan remembering his soldier son.

  • JULY 29 COULTER MOCKS FATHER OF FALLEN MUSLIM WAR HERO Ann Coulter, an individual who seems to be evil, has mocked a speech by Khizr Khan remembering his soldier son.

  • JULY 28 TRUMP WANTS BOYFRIEND TO HACK CLINTON E-MAILS "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing" from emails that Hillary Clinton turned over to the State Department."

  • JULY 27 RUSH WHINING ABOUT MICHELLE MENTIONING SLAVERY Rush Limpboy doesn't like Michelle Obama pointing out that slaves built the White House because he doesn like it.

  • JULY 25 WASHINGTON POST MAKES HISTORY WITH TRUMP EDITORIAL DIATRIBE 'He, until now a Republican problem, this week became a challenge the nation must confront and overcome. The real estate tycoon is uniquely unqualified to serve as president, in experience and temperament.'

  • JULY 20 TRUMP ADVISOR WANT HILLARY CLINTON EXECUTIVE BY FIRING SQUAD...OR MAYBE ELECTRIC CHAIR Al Baldasaro (r) Londonderry, NH told conservative radio host-nut Jeff Kuhner that "Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason." He confirmed the statement on Wednesday, but noted that the new penalty for treason my be electric chair.

  • JULY 19 STEVE KING (R-IOWA) QUESTIONS THE HISTORICAL CONTRIBUTIONS OF NON-WHITE PEOPLE Rep King had this to say on MSNBC: "I'd ask you to go back through history and figure out where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you are talking about? Where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?.

    "Than Western civilization itself that's rooted in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the United States of America, and every place where the footprint of Christianity settled the world. That's all of Western civilization.

  • JULY 18 WEST VIRGINIA REPUBLICAN WANTS HILLARY CLINTON EXECUTED The Charston Gazette-Mail reports that Delegate Michael Folk, R-Berkeley, tweeted that Clinton should "should be tried for treason, murder, and crimes against the US Constitution... then hung on the Mall in Washington, DC." His employer, United Airlines, is investigating. Sounds like he might have Folked Up.

  • JULY 16 TRUMP VP NOMINEE MIKE PENCE DOESN'T THINK SMOKING KILLS YOU So it's not a total shock that he is also a climate change denier.

  • JULY 15 REPUBLICAN FAMILY VALUES CONGRESSMAN LOST TENNESSEE WHIP JOB According to Tennessee Attorney General, Republican State Rep. Jeremy Durham lost his position as house leader when he was accused by 22 women of sexting and touching them. His fellow family values GOP buddies tried to bury the complaints by blaming the liberal media. His nickname is "Pants Candy." He is, of course, married.

  • JULY 14 REPUBLICANS HAVE DECLARED PORN A NATIONAL HEALTH CRISIS The GOP platform has adopted an amendment that declares internet porn to be a public scourge, along with other positions that encourage the teaching of the Bible in schools, oppose gay marriage and transgender rights, outlaw abortion and legalize 'conversion therapy' for LGBT kids who might think the are homasekshools.

  • JULY 13 SNEAKY ASS REPUBLICAN POISON PILL RIDERS SABOTAGE ZIKA FUNDING A bi-partisan funding bill to fight the looming Zika epidemic was blocked when riders were attached to the legislation. The riders would defund Planned Parenthood and take another bite out of the Clean Water Act. GOP don't like the Clean Water Act because it slows down the pollution activities of their owners. Neither has anything to do with Zika.

  • JULY 11 DALLAS PASTOR CLAIMS POLICE ARE MINISTERS OF GOD SEND TO PUNISH EVIDOERS On Fox News, "Dr" Jeffries of the First Baptist Church backed up his claim with Roamans 13"4: "But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God's servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer."

    When I was back there in seminary school.....!

  • JULY 10 TEXAS TO REQUIRE FUNERALS FOR UNBORN FETUSES Having lost another judicial ruling, Texas Health and Human Services Commission will require that fetal remains be created or buried, regardless of the gestation period. The idea is to make women who have abortions feel worse than they already do. Most aborted fetuses are smaller than a peapod.

  • JULY 8 FORMER ILLINOIS CONGRESSMAN THREATENS OBAMA IN TWEET One terms congressman and deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh tweeted the following after the Dallas shootings: ""This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you." We will leave it to you to determine his meaning.

  • JULY 7 ERIC TRUMP PROMOTES SISTER IVANKA FOR VEEP By virtue of her great beaty and brains, Trump daughter Ivanka would make a great vice president and running mate, at least according to her brother Eric. She would be 35 just in time for the election.

  • JULY 6 MISSOURI GOP CANDIDATE SELLING ISIS HUNTING PERMITS TO RAISE MONEY Missouri Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens is raising money for his gubernatorial campaign while simultaneously ridding the world of evil. The bumper stickers read: "ISIS HUNTING PERMIT 2016."

  • JULY 4 AMERICANS WILL BLOW OFF OVER $1 BILLION IN CHINESE FIREWORKS CELEBRATING THEIR PATRIOTISM Hope we don't see any Trump supporters out their shooting off foreign made fireworks. But we bet we do.

  • JULY 3 SEAN HANNITY AND SERIAL ADULTURER NEWT GINGRICH BLAME INSTANBUL ATTACKS ON OBAMA If only he was say the words "radical islam" all attacks would stop. Say it Mr. President, say it.

  • JULY 2 TRUMP HAS ANNOUNCED THAT HIS WIFE AND KIDS WILL BE SPEAKING AT GOP CONVENTION It appears there is a shortage of Republican leaders interested in the gig.

  • JUNE 25 THE BRITS HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING And it plays right into the hands of Donald Trump, a thug and boor running for US president.

  • JUNE 22 TRUMP APPOINTS MICHELLE BACHMANN TO EVANGELICAL ADVISORY BOARD The GOP presidential nominee - not previously noted for his pious lifestyle, has appoint an Evangelical Advisory Board that includes the politian-married-to-a-gay-man-who-has-been-cured-by-Yehuda Michelle Bachmann, as well as Jerry Falwell Jr., Ralph Reed, James Dobson and other crafty millionaire Christians.

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