ATOMIC LAKE (LAKE CHAGAN), Kazakhstan Atomic Lake

During the heady days of the Cold War when Americans were blowing up Pacific Atolls and Nevada, the Soviets were blowing up nukes all over northeastern Kazakhstan, which is also the location of Atomic Lake (Also called Lake Chagan or Lake Balaplan). To create this 10,000,000 square meter body of water, them godless commies simply blew the top off of a mountain - an occurrence not permitted in a free democracy such as the United States of America unless there is coal under the mountain. The underground blast was the first of about 450 - 500 nukes set off in northeastern Kazakhstan during the period between 1949 to 1989.

But guess where they got the idea? From another boneheaded US Cold War initiative called Project Plowshare. Read about unintended consequences.

Beginning of the End Times Year 2016

  • DEC 7 HUNDREDS DEAD AS YET ANOTHER BIG EARTHQUAKE STRIKES OVER PAST MONTH A major 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia on Wednesday in Aceh province. The past 6 weeks have seen major quakes off Japan, in Italy and New Zealand.
  • DEC 6 OHIO STATE RESEARCHERS FIND ANOTHER NEW ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT MICROBE Bacteria found on a US mega hog farm are resistant to Carbapenems, otherwise known aas last line of defense drugs. This is the second discovery of last resort -resistant microbes in US concentrated agricultural operations in a year.
  • DEC 5 SLAWSON EXPLORATION COMPANY FINED BY EPA FOR IGNORING POLLUTION LAWS The North Dakota company operates 170 oil and methane wells, but failed to install emission controls. They will pay $2.1 million.
  • DEC 2 102 MILLION TREES DEAD IN CALIFORNIA DROUGHT AND COUNTING In California's drought-stricken forests, trees are dying at an "unprecedented" rate, according to officials. The U.S. Forest Service says that trees are dying at an unprecedented rate, which 102 million lost since 2010 and 62 million gone in 2016. The drought-driven die-off is expected to continue for the forseeable future.
  • DEC 1 ANOTHER LAKE IN BOLIVIA DRIES UP Two years after Lake Poopo dried up for good, Bolivia'a Lake Uru Uru has falled victim to a presistent drought that has caused a state of water emergency in the high Andes nation.
  • NOV 30 LAKES FORMING IN EAST ANTARCTICA MIMIC FAST MELTING GREENLAND SCENARIO Antarctica has been considered more stable than the Arctic, but blue melt lakes seen for the first time in East Antartica suggest ice melt is also accelating in the southern hemisphere.
  • NOV 29 GATLINBURG TN EVACUATED AS DROUGHT FUELED FOREST FIRES RIP THROUGH TENNESSEE 14,000 people have fled two resort areas in Tennessee as homes and businesses go up in flames. That's bad enough, but the fires are now approaching Dollywood and some of the park have been evacuated.
  • NOV 28 BIRD FLU IS BACK IN EUROPE, AND IT'S MORE ADAPTABLE THAN EVER Some of the worolds top ranking generals have issued a warning that climate change is driving global security as seas rise and droughts cause mass migrations.
  • NOV 25 BIRD FLU IS BACK IN EUROPE, AND IT'S MORE ADAPTABLE THAN EVER H5N8 bird flu is killing wild birds as well as commercial flocks. As has been the case historically, this microbe continues to evolve.
  • NOV 24 UNIV ARIZ SAYS ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN Guy McPherson, a science professor at University of Arizona, believes that climate change is irreversible and human extinction is almost inevitable...within about ten years.
  • NOV 23 ARSON AND DROUGHT COMBINATION SCORCHES THE HOLY LAND Wildfires burned for several days in the dry forests of Israel, causing evacuations of tens of thousands. Two dozen people have been arrested for arson, which is described the Netanyahu has terrorist activity.
  • NOV 21 DROUGHT FUELS MASSIVE UNSEASONABLE WILDFIRE OUTBREAK IN SOUTHEAST Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama and Georgia are all fighting and ongoing wildfire outbreak that has gripped the region for weeks. Hundreds of people have been hospitalized for respiratory problems.
  • NOV 16 COAL TRAIN COLLISION NEAR ORLANDO DUMPS 15,000 GALLONS OF FUEL Marion County Florida was the scene of a head on crash between two trains, one carrying phosphate fertilizer, the other carrying coal.
  • NOV 15 WORLD METEROLOGICAL ORGANIZATION DECLARES 2016 THIRD CONSECUTIVE GLOBAL HEAT RECORD Global warming trends have been so powerful this year that the WMO has already declared 2016 the hottest year on record, with average surface temperatures 1.2 degrees Celsius (2.2 Fahrenheit) higher than pre-industrial times. Sixteen of the 17 hottest years have occurred in the 21st Century.
  • NOV 14 WESTERN ANARCTIC SHOWS INTENSE UNBALANCED MELTING AS CONTINENT ICE BECOMES TERMINALLY UNSTABLE The ice shelves that have been preventing Antarctica's glaciers from flowing into the sea are being melted away from below by rapidly warming ocean waters.
  • NOV 8 WEST ANTARCTICA ICE MELT KICKING INTO HIGHER GEAR Over 1,000,000 New Delhi primary school children will be staying home due to a smog so heavy and toxic that it has been deemed dangerous to their health. The deadly air borne particles known as PM 2.5 were measured at levels of 600 micrograms / cubic meter.
  • NOV 5 SMOG CLOSES 1800 NEW DELHI SCHOOLS Over 1,000,000 New Delhi primary school children will be staying home due to a smog so heavy and toxic that it has been deemed dangerous to their health. The deadly air borne particles known as PM 2.5 were measured at levels of 600 micrograms / cubic meter.
  • NOV 4 NEW REPORT INDICATES MUTATION OF EBOLA VIRUS Scientists have identified a mutation that occurred in the Ebola Virus between 2013 and 2016. According to virologists at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the new version is better adapted to attacking humans.
  • NOV 3 THE OCEAN IS ENGULFING WEST AFRICA The residents of Ghana are moving inland as higher tides and rising seas erase the coastline.
  • NOV 1 EXTENDED ALABAMA DROUGHT LOOKS LIKE ONCE IN 1OO YEAR EVENT Exceptional drought in parts of Alabama and Georgia is wreaking havoc with the fall harvest and threatening livestock.
  • OCT 26 YEP, IT WAS INDEED FRACKING WASTEWATER INJECTION THAT CAUSED KANSAS' BIGGEST QUAKE YET Only two years after it occured, the US Geological Survey has confirmed that a 4.9 quake recorded near Milan, was linked to a nearby wastewater well.
  • OCT 25 CHINA'S TEGGER DESERT IS EXPANDING RAPIDLY AS CLIMATE REFUGEE NUMBERS GROW The size of China's desert land is estimated to be about 21,000 sq mi more than it was in 1975, as the government struggles to relocate hundreds of thousands.
  • OCT 24 ATMOSPHERIC GREENHOUSE GASES REACHED 400 PPM RECORD IN 2015 Average levels of COs in the atmospher reached 400 ppm, an uptick of 2.3 from 2014, according to the World Meteorological Organization. According to UN climate scientists, concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are at there highest in 800,000 years. CO2 remains in the atmosphere for thousands of years.
  • OCT 21 AUSTRALIA APPROVES MASSIVE NEW COAL MINE Indian mining company Adani has been given permission to open a huge new coal mining operation in Queensland. The Carmichael mine will be one of the world's largest and is predicted to emit 4.7 gigatonsof CO2 into the atmosphere over the next 60 years. Environment minister Greg Hunt said don't worry, everything will be cool.
  • OCT 20 BACK TO BACK SUPER TYPHOONS WHACK PHILLIPINES THIS WEEK Two Category 4 Typhoons (Sarika and Haima) have devastated the Northern Phillipines. At least 15,000 people are in evacuation centers.
  • OCT 18 SEPTEMBER 2016 HOTTEST SEPTEMBER OF ALL TIME GLOBALLY NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) reports the continued streak of hottest months since 1880 as September 2016 takes its place in the record books.
  • OCT 16 VAQUITA DOLPHIN POPULATION DOWN TO 60 AS ILLEGAL FISHING FINISHED OFF THE SPECIES We first posted an extinction warning for the vaquita dolphin ten years ago, and now time is truly running out. |READ|
  • OCT 14 CATMAP'S STATE OF THE PLANET MAP UPDATED Interactive map provides a global glimpse of climate, extinction, pollution, fossil fuel plunder, deforestation and other alarming indications of Earth's downward spiral. |VISIT|
  • OCT 13 WINTER ANTARCTIC LOW SEA ICE RECORDS Antarctic sea ice began retreating a month ahead of schedule and continued to set daily ice extent lows through September.
  • OCT 11 ACCELARATING WESTERN FOREST FIRE RATE CAUSED BY MAN MADE CLIMATE DYSFUNCTION A just released study from the University of Idaho concluded that anthropomorphic-driven global warming is behind a radical increase in Western forest fires.
  • OCT 10 NORTHERN ISLANDS WASHING INTO THE SEA AS PERMAFROST THAWS AND COLLAPSES A combination of fast rising seas and the melting of permafrost shorelines is causing the Siberian islands to lose 30 - 40 feet / year as they erode away.
  • OCT 9 900+ KILLED BY HURRICANE MATTHEW IN HAITI For a cursed nation still recovering from a 2010 earthquake, another mega disaster removes hope for millions.
  • OCT 5 NEWEST HANSEN RESEARCH HAS EARTH AT ITS WARMEST IN 115,000 YEARS According to former senior NASA climate scientist James Hansen (along with 11 other experts) global temperatures have increased to a level last seen during the Eemian era, when oceans were 20 ft higher than currently. Cyclical indeed.

  • OCT 3 HURRICANE MATTHEW THE MOST POWERFUL CAT 5 STORM IN LOW LATITUDES With winds varying between Cat 4 and Cat 5 (up to 160 mph sustained) is hitting the unfortunate island of Haiti with another catastrophic disaster.


  • DEC 6 WHINY ASS GOP LOSER FOR NORTH CAROLINA'S GOVERNOR RACE FINALLY CONCEDES After a month of challenges that were turned back by GOP controlled Election Boards and still spouting election fraud conspiracy theories, the man who fears trannys in the bathroom finally conceded to Democratic NC Attorney General Roy Cooper.
  • DEC 4 THE REPUBLICAN DOMINATED HOUSE SCIENCE COMMITTEE SHARED A BOGUS ANTI CLIMATE ARTICLE In a sign of things to come, the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology's retweeted an article on Breitbart claming global warming is over. The committee is chaired by Rep. Lamar "Oily Boy" Smith, one of the nation's premier fossil fuel pimps. Why is a major house of Representatives Science Committee citing a white supremacist website on matter so science?
  • NOV 22 REPUBLICANS ARE TRYING TO STEAL THE NORTH CAROLINA GOVERNOR'S RACE In spite of relentles voter suppresion efforts by North Carolina Republicans, challenger Attorney General Roy Cooper has a commanding lead that is expected to reach 8,000 votes. After failing with legal challenges, rejected repeatedly by GOP election officials, the state legislature is considering nullifying the election anyway.
  • NOV 18 TWO RIGHT WING REPUBLICAN LAW MAKERS TO JOIN TRUMP "OUTSIDERS" CABINET Jefferson Noregard Sessions for Attorney General was OK with the KKK until he found out some of them smoked pot. Sweet Jesus! Tea Partier Mike Pompeo of Kansas to head CIA. Famous for investigating Hillary Clinton over and over and over and over and then disagreeing with the results of his own investigation.
  • NOV 16 TRUMP LOOKING TO CIRCUMVERT THE RULES TO WITHDRAW FROM CLIMATE ACCORD The con man scheduled to move into the White House in January is planning on pulling the US out the Paris accord illegally, thus increasing the chances that we will become a pariah nation. Trump has called global warming a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. Because that's what the Chinese do.
  • NOV 15 TRUMP APPOINTS ANTI-SEMITE AND CONSPIRACY NEWS SITE CHIEF AS CHIEF STRATEGIST Trump has appointed Steve Bannon, head of Breitbart News, as his chief strategist. The Anti-Defamation Leaque is not amused.
  • NOV 10 TRUMP'S FIRST MOVE IS TO TAP EXTREME CLIMATE CHANGE SKEPTIC FOR EPA ADVISER Donald Trump has Chosen Myron Ebell, a hard right operative for oil and gas interests and director of the Center for Energy and Environment, as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • NOV 4 SCARY OKLAHOMA LEGISLATOR WANTS HILLARY IN FRONT OF A FIRING SQUAD Oklahoma Republican State Rep. John Bennett called for the assassination of Hillary Clinton. His Facebook post read as follows: "2 words . firing squad".
  • OCT 17 RIP OFF PROSPERITY PREACHER THREATENS PEOPLE WHO DO NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP Kenneth Copeland told Christians they have to vote for Donald Trump or they will be held accountable for murder. "I don't know what it is about that you can't understand, but I'm telling you right now God Almighty is head of this nation, not people! Jesus of Nazareth is lord over the United States."
  • OCT 15 OILFIELD PRAYER DAY IN OKLAHOMA - DID YOU MISS IT? Anyone wondering whether the Christian Right has got Oklahoma by the balls, wonder no more. Governor Mary Fallin declared October 13 "Oilfield Prayer Day" so that Christians could thank God for the blessings created by the oil and gas industry. She did you mention whether or not they should thank Him for the earthquakes caused by the oil and gas industry.
  • OCT 14 TRUMPS JESUS LAISON CLAIMS THAT HIS BOSS'S INNOCENCE WILL BE PROVEN Donald Trump's evangelical spokesmodel Mike Pence says that the campaign has evidence that Donald Trump did not do the things that he bragged about. According to Pence: "There will be more evidence coming out." Meanwhile, Trumps is threatening the New York Times with a lawsuit. But will he actually file it? Don't think so.
  • OCT 11 KIM KARDASHIAN NOT DOING WELL AFTER LOSING DIAMOND TO ROBBERS!!!!! According to Khloe, Kim Kardashian is suffering some sort of PTSD after being robbed of her $4.5 million diamond by thugs. Khloe thanks everyone for their outpouring of support.
  • OCT 10 HANNITY POINTS OUT THAT KING DAVID HAD 500 CONCUBINES By way of defending Donald Trump's affinity for unrequested pussy grabbing, Hannity references the harem of moral role model King David...they monarch who sent a woman's husband to a sure death in battle so he could have her for his very own.
    • OCT 4 IT APPEARS THAT DONALD TRUMP IS AN EVEN BIGGER PIG THAN WE THOUGHT In a video tape from 2005, the Republican presidential candidate 'splains how women are ok with pussy grabbing if the man is a star. Cool.
    • OCT 4 WIKILEAKS EAGERLY AWAITED BLOCKBUSTER ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT HILLARY BUSTED NO BLOCKS Wikileaks founder Julian Assange failed to come through for Trump supporters as his promised bombshell fizzled during a non press conference. However, he is offering 40% off all Wikileaks books.
    • OCT 3 DONALD TRUMP'S LATEST CRISIS MAY MEAN HILLARY WAS RIGHT ABOUT NOT PAYING TAXES The creeping orange slime known as Donald Trump has developed some new / old problems regarding questionable finances as his 1995 tax returns are published by the New York Times.

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