JAN 2016: Dow Chemical Gallops to Monsanto's Rescue To Eliminate Outbreak of HT* Mutant Weeds Monsanto's RoundUp can no longer exterminate mutant plant species that have developed tolerance to the once formidable industrial ag weed killer. Although the Monsanto Public Relations assault team denied the possibility from the start: Glyphosate-resistant weeds are now choking tens of millions of acres of American commodity-crop farmland. The solution is going to be more chemicals: Following perplexing re-reversals on the part of the Environmental Protection Agency, we can now count on Dow AgroScience ride to the rescue with good ole 2,4-D herbicide (now branded Enlist duo), one of the components in Vietnam War era defoliant Agent Orange. Look forward to another massive surge in chemicals dumped on farmland, whence they will make their way into waterways and lakes. After that, there is no reason to believe the cycle will not repeat. Read more. Oct 27 SINGAPORE AND MALAYSIA CAN'T BREATHE Wildfires in Indonesia are at their worst ever, causing a major crisis for their downwind neighbors. The wildfires are not just nature's whim, but rather the result of a combination of illegal and quasi-illegal activities. As a result, parts of Singapore and Malaysia remain covered in smoke, affecting everyday life and the health of children and oldsters in particular.
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