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Red Snow: Swelling algae incursion is red-lining glacial ice melt

“Watch out where the Huskies go, and don’t you eat that yellow snow!” F. Zappa (Don’t You Eat the Yellow Snow 1974) The accuracy of the original set of global warming predictions from more than 40 years ago was shocking … Continue reading

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Wildfires Consume Napa & Sonoma Counties As Thousands Flee

21 dead and 150 missing as multiple wildfires race across freeways, farmland and forests in famous wine region 21 Die Over 150 Missing As Fast Moving Wildfires Consume Napa & Sonoma Counties 20,000 evacuated their homes and businesses burned as … Continue reading

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Rising CO2 Levels Are Depleting Plant Nutrients

As Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Increases, Plants Produce More Carbohydrates But Fewer Vitamins and Minerals Global warming, ocean acidification and rising seas levels are well known effects of rapidly rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere, tracking the elevation of carbon dioxide … Continue reading

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110,000 Displaced By Nigeria Floods

August – September Rains/Floods Devastate Benue State In Nigeria Over 110,000 Nigerians fled their homes because of major flooding in the central state of Benue. The flooding follows two weeks of record rains. At least three people are dead, but … Continue reading

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106F Heat Record In San Francisco Just The Tip of the Iceberg

The cool, foggy City by the Bay hit 106F on Friday, breaking the all time record set in 2000 (103) and the hottest in 150 years of record keeping. The normal temps of this time of year is 70. GLOBAL … Continue reading

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East Antarctica: Totten Ice Shelf Thinning From Below

A major Antarctic ice sheet, once believed to be stable, is anything but… Warming waters from the southern Indian Ocean are slipping under the Totten Ice Shelf in East Antarctica and thinning the ledge from below. The Totten Shelf, which … Continue reading

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Massive Mountain Tidal Waves Threaten Villages As Peruvian Glaciers Collapse

High in the Peruvian Andes, Lake Palcacocha is the poster child for global warming-driven glacier collapse disasters At the top of the mountain is Lake Palcacocha and the dwindling glacier that feeds it. In the lake is several billions gallons … Continue reading

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US Coastal Naval Bases Going Under – Fast

“From the tactical side our bases and stations on the coast are going underwater.” – Ret. Marine Brigadier General Stephen A. Cheney According to the latest warning from the US Military, the world’s largest naval base is (and has been) … Continue reading

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Mountainslide Engulfs Congo Fishing Village After Deluge

200+ DEAD IN CONGO AS MOUNTAINSIDE COLLAPSES AFTER HEAVY RAINS 200+ people have were killed Wednesday by a massive landslide in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Tora, a fishing village on the coast of Lake Albert in Ituri province … Continue reading

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Extreme Wildfires: The New Normal

British Columbia, Northern California, France, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Siberia, Montenegro, Portugal More than 1,000 wildfires threatened beaches and neighborhoods in Rome and the port of Ostia in central Italy. 10,000 residents and vacationers were evacuated from beaches and campsites in … Continue reading

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