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Picher, Oklahoma, the most toxic, deadly place you never heard it

Like the subject of the Zombies’s 1965 hit, Picher, Oklahoma is not there Place under mandatory evacuation in 2009, Picher OK is now a Superfund ghost town too toxic to clean up. Plundered by lead and zinc mining companies, the … Continue reading

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The Scale of Ocean Plastic Pollution is Truly Mind Boggling

Pollution From Toxic Plastic Endangers Vast Swathes of the Ocean, Even the Deepest Trenches It’s as if a new garbage truck dumped a load of plastic waste into the ocean every minute of every day. 12 million tons of new … Continue reading

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Western Pacific Islands Sinking Ever Faster Beneath the Rising Seas

Nahlapenlohd Island And Dozens More Are Gone For Good As The Rate of Upsurging Seas Accelerates A new report published in this year’s Journal of Coastal Conservation confirms that the island chains of Micronesia and the Solomon Islands are rapidly … Continue reading

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Lighting Elephants on Fire and Having a Great Time Doing It

Villagers Merrily Toss Flaming Tar Balls and Firecrackers At Elephants Here in East India, elephants appear to be in the way of something humans like to call civilization: what could be more civilized than this?  The text below is taken from … Continue reading

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Intensifying Antarctic Winds Blow No Good For Humankind

The Totten Glacier in East Antarctica Locks Up 11+ Feet of Sea Level Rise. The Ice Shelf That Holds It Back Is Melting From Below. The huge Totten Glacier is accelerating its advance as powerful South Ocean surface winds drive … Continue reading

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Global Insect Decline Has Alarming Consequences

HoneyBee Colony Collapse? Monarch Extinction? Here’s Something That Will Really Bug You. New Studies Reveal Crashing Insect Populations  Etymologists and environmentalist are beginning to sound the alarm about the planet’s disappearing bug population, a phenomenon that has particularly manifested itself … Continue reading

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Red Snow: Swelling algae incursion is red-lining glacial ice melt

“Watch out where the Huskies go, and don’t you eat that yellow snow!” F. Zappa (Don’t You Eat the Yellow Snow 1974) The accuracy of the original set of global warming predictions from more than 40 years ago was shocking … Continue reading

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Wildfires Consume Napa & Sonoma Counties As Thousands Flee

21 dead and 150 missing as multiple wildfires race across freeways, farmland and forests in famous wine region 21 Die Over 150 Missing As Fast Moving Wildfires Consume Napa & Sonoma Counties 20,000 evacuated their homes and businesses burned as … Continue reading

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Rising CO2 Levels Are Depleting Plant Nutrients

As Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Increases, Plants Produce More Carbohydrates But Fewer Vitamins and Minerals Global warming, ocean acidification and rising seas levels are well known effects of rapidly rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere, tracking the elevation of carbon dioxide … Continue reading

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110,000 Displaced By Nigeria Floods

August – September Rains/Floods Devastate Benue State In Nigeria Over 110,000 Nigerians fled their homes because of major flooding in the central state of Benue. The flooding follows two weeks of record rains. At least three people are dead, but … Continue reading

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