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Larsen C Ice Shelf Splits Off

When Ice Shelves Collapse, the Glaciers They Hold Back Flow Directly Into the Ocean, Rapidly Raising Sea Levels [ UPDATE: One of the largest ice bergs (the size of Delaware) broke away on July 12, 2017. ] The 1000 foot … Continue reading

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Rift Cutting Through Massive Larsen C Ice As Shelves Melt From Below

Rift Cutting Through West Antarctic Shelf Grew By 11 Miles In December, Leaving Only About 12 Miles To Go Ice Shelves are collapsing in both the Antarctic and the Arctic. Ice Shelves hold back the land based glaciers behind them. … Continue reading

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The A B C’s of Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse As Larsen C Rift Grows

Larsen C is the eleventh major Antarctic shelf to break off immense slabs of sea ice, with dire consequences for the near future. Alarming, nation-sized chunks of sea ice have been breaking off the main Antarctic Ice Shelves for the … Continue reading

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