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Thilafushi: Maldives’ Manmade Smoking Island of Trash

With The Island Paradise’s Very Existence Threatened By Rapidly Rising Seas, An Extra Island For Garbage Seemed Like A Good Idea As the ecological disaster unfolds, the population voted the reformist government out of office and replaced it with paranoid … Continue reading

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Marshall Islands Going Under

Drought Decimates One Side of Archipelago , King Tides Take Out The Capital Climate Refugees In Pacific Atolls Consider Their Options As Oceans Rise Ever Faster As the global warming denying Republicans celebrate their victory, the waters of the Pacific … Continue reading

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Last Stable Ice Sheet In Greenland Is Melting

As huge masses of land ice melt, the seas are rising even faster Destabilization of once stable ice sheets will affect coastal cities in the U.S. except in North Carolina* As climate scientists attempt to predict how fast and high … Continue reading

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Convergence of End Times Components

Chart proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the forces of catastrophic events are connected.* Here in the CatMap Editorial Board Bunker, we are not alone in predicting something big is happening on planet Earth, and we are not … Continue reading

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