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Radioactive Boar Invasion Makes Fukushima Zone A Science Fiction Reality

Just when you think the Fukushima nuclear cluster fuck saga can’t get any stranger, it gets stranger. Not only do the authorities have no idea how to get rid of the radioactive water running through the ruins, they also have … Continue reading

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30 Million Tons of Radioactive Fukushima Waste With Nowhere to Go

Four Years After Tsunami and Nuke Meltdown, Decontamination Is 30 Years Away When the Japanese government says they have everything under control, this is what they mean When you think of high tech solutions to decontaminating a radioactive exclusion zone, … Continue reading

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Cluster Fukushima: “Ice Wall” Cannot Contain Radioactive Water Onslaught

History Shows Again And Again How Nature Points Out the Folly of Man 300 tons of radioactive water pour into the Pacific every day as TEPCO initiates a new type of cluster fukushima The US nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki … Continue reading

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A SlowMo Nuclear Disaster: Savanna River Will Be All Cleaned Up Fer Sure By 2040

Savannah River Weapons Site Has Been Leaking Radioactivity Since Long Before Fukushima Was Built…But Cleanup Money has Been Voted Down By Guess Who Self sufficient Carolingians suspect that Dept Energy money is being diverted to the Hanford Nuclear Cluster Jerk In Washington … Continue reading

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Toxic Apocalypse Day 19: 70,000 Fukushima Residents Permanently Homeless | 2011

After the World’s Second Worst Nuclear Disaster, 70,000 Former Residents Are Never Going Home Two years after the March 11, 2011 triple nuke meltdown, the degree of local and global contamination remain unclear. Japanese, Russian and American authorities have some … Continue reading

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