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As Earthquake Swarms Double In Oklahoma, We Review The Oil Company Progression of Lies

“I don’t think they really care about the people and their homes, the land, all of that. I don’t think they care as long as they make their money.” This time around, the lawyers are going to get some justice … Continue reading

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How The Liars Do It: Dodging Responsibility for Injection Well-Induced Earthquakes

“People Are Fed Up With The Earthquakes” Even in the bright red petro state known as Oklahoma, the citizens are growing weary of earthquakes caused by injection wells. Do you think the oil and gas boys paid for the damage … Continue reading

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New Earthquake Swarms In Arkansas | “Powerball Kind of Odds”

Two New Wastewater Injection Wells In The Area, But State Geologist Can’t Quite Seem To Make a Connection The scientific opinion of a geologist depends on where he collects his paycheck When we first reported on earthquake swarms in Arkansas … Continue reading

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