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1.3 Million Gallon Tar Sands Pipeline Rupture

Chinese Company’s Failsafe System Failed To Warn of Rupture Another major pipeline spill in the oily badlands of Alberta near the tar sands boom town of Fort McMurray. Approximately 1.3 million gallons of bitumen, hydrocarbons and chemicals were spilled from … Continue reading

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Santa Barbara 100,000 Gal Spill is Pipeline Company’s Second In A Year

Refugio State Beach Fouled By The Same Pipeline Company That Spilled In Los Angeles…And Lots of Other Spaces Pipelines are far safer than exploding trains. Let’s build more. Plains All American Pipeline has screwed up again in California, one year … Continue reading

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Update: 12 Total Spills Bring Petroleum Leaks to 37,000 Gallons

First they said: don’t worry about a thing. That’s what they always say. And everyday, the total oil spills keep coming When nature and man combine forces, the consequences of catastrophes multiply [UPDATE 9/25: The latest tally of oil spills … Continue reading

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