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Mojo Nature Asks: What Would You Like To Be Today?

Thanks To Lack of Regulation, The Captains of Dirty Energy Industries Can Make Your Life Very Exciting Without Warning! Mojo wants to know: will your town blow up, will you have an earthquake or have your water supply be contaminated? … Continue reading

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How The Liars Do It: Dodging Responsibility for Injection Well-Induced Earthquakes

“People Are Fed Up With The Earthquakes” Even in the bright red petro state known as Oklahoma, the citizens are growing weary of earthquakes caused by injection wells. Do you think the oil and gas boys paid for the damage … Continue reading

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How Man Causes Earthquakes: A New Book From CatMap

A New Kindle Download $3.99 at As another wastewater injection storage well is closed down in Love County, Oklahoma, there is no doubt whatsoever that high pressure gas and oil deep storage wells cause earthquake swarms. The State Geological … Continue reading

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