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Toxic Algae Are Sliming the Arctic And Things Are Getting Weird

An Ecosphere Millions of Years In The Making Is Changing Rapidly In Ominous Ways Carcass of dead whale shows evidence of neurotoxins The toxic algae blooms that were wreaking havoc in the Pacific Northwest in the past decade have moved … Continue reading

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Who Slimed The Ohio River: Hundres of Miles of Toxic Algae

Microcystin from farm runoff and other pollution threatens drinking water and recreation It’s not as if the Ohio River was pristine, but this toxic event is unprecedented This fall’s Ohio River toxic algae “bloom”* now stretches about 650 miles along … Continue reading

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Toledo’s Toxic Water Caused By Factory Farming and Fertilizer Lobby

State of Emergency as 400,000 Citizens Have No Water For Days, But The Problem Is Only Beginning Toxic algae blooms at Toledo water intake It’s only appropriate that lobbyists for the fertilizer industry and factory feedlots are one of the … Continue reading

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Alarming and irreversible degeneration of the Ocean

We don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but the oceans aren’t just getting warmer, their very chemistry is changing… And that’s very bad news for all forms of life on this planet. It seems likely that the human brain … Continue reading

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