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Where You Gonna Go When The Pingos Blow?

Methane Domes (and Their Craters) Formed By Thawing Permafrost Are Another Confirmation of Rapid Changes in the Arctic Undersea pingos are potentially more alarming than the terrestrial versions when it comes to potential for violent methane events. Back in 2014 … Continue reading

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Permafrost no longer perma: Buildings and Infrastructure Collapse as the Arctic Melts

Foundations of far northern infrastructure and coastal erosion all driven by global warming. This is not an earthquake, but one of hundreds of building collapsing into foundations that had been solid for millennia. “…even the deepest permafrost is several degrees … Continue reading

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Attack of the P. Sibericum: It Came From Within The Permafrost

French scientists free an ancient giant virus locked into the Siberian permafrost for 30,000 years. History Shows Again and Again How Nature Points Out the Folly Of Man When Blue Oyster Cult wrote these lyrics for their hit “Godzilla”, it … Continue reading

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