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Radiation May Delay Fukushima Resettlement For Generations

Amidst New Revelations of Coverup And Radioactive Fish, the Story of the Former Residents of Fukushima Prefecture Gets Lost Mark down the third major area on the planet that is unlivable for the foreseeable future* More than 159,000 Japanese citizens … Continue reading

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A Race With Time and the Ocean for Lagos, Nigeria

One of the world’s fastest growing cities offers a glimpse of the future for low lying metro areas Lagos State Is West Africa’s Chaotic Economic Hub, But The Ocean Is Eating Away It’s Territory Residents of Lagos State have watched … Continue reading

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Hydrogen Sulfide Release And Increased Seismic Activity as Louisiana’s Toxic Sinkhole Spreads

Calling Anderson Cooper! Hundreds of People Have Been Evacuated Since August With No End In Sight To the Nation’s Most Not-Reported Disaster. Let The Israelis and Palestinians Blow Themselves Up. Come On Down To Bayou Corne Anderson And Tell The … Continue reading

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Regional Drone Wars Heating Up

YOU THOUGHT ONLY AMERICANS GOT TO HAVE DRONES? [Visit the Dawn of the Drones at 2020 4Sight Prophecy Service] Drone Incidents Increase World-wide as Armenia and Azerbaijan Send Up The Drones The Armenians and Azerbaijanis have been engaged in a … Continue reading

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