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No One In Bayou Corne is Going Home For Christmas

The Hundreds of Evacuees from the Toxic, Bayou Corne Sinkhole Won’t Be Home for Christmas…or Perhaps, Ever The Year’s Most-Under Reported Unnatural Disaster Is Still Unknown Outside Louisiana As The Company That Caused It Drags Its Heels As their fifth … Continue reading

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Poyang: China’s Largest Lake Dries Up

Once Know As China’s Bermuda Triangle, Boats Are No Longer Threatened By An Empty Lake Fishing boat floats on the dry baked bottom of Lake Poyang Following a decade long drought and the monumental environmental screw up known as the … Continue reading

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Questions for Mike Huckabee About God and The Dead Kids

Are There Factors Other Than God’s Hurt Feelings That Might Have Triggered the Sandy Hook Massacre? Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has attributed the shooting deaths of 27 kids and teachers at Sandy Hook to our error in removing God from … Continue reading

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Methane Pipeline Fireball Takes Out Interstate In West Virginia

Interstate Closes and Homes Are Destroyed As Another Natural Gas Disaster Blows Up It’s clear that the natural gas fracking bonanza will be the American energy solution for the next ten years, although after that there are no plans. But … Continue reading

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Jesus’s First Words

Revealed: the Scriptural Source For Christian’s Love of Guns Merry Christmas, Y’all

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Enjoy the Holidays With the Festive Catastrophe Map Advent Calendar

Re-Live the Catastrophes and Disasters of 2012 [ Visit the 2012 Catastrophe Map Advent Calendar] From giant sinkholes to missing mountains, from nuclear refugees to missing species, the CatMap 2012 Advent Calendar has everything for your holiday festivities! [ Visit … Continue reading

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Reorganizing the USA | Introducing the Christian Confederacy of America

A Comprehensive Plan to Reorganize the Union and Solve the Debt Crisis Virtually of the Red States Take In Far More Federal Dollars Than They Contribute* Some People Would Have to Move, But It’s All For the Greater Good It’s … Continue reading

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Interesting | Not Interesting | Snooki and the Bizarre Typhoon

Snooki Steals Some of Kate’s Limelight By Offering Advice To the Pregnant Royal In a less interesting story, the Typhoon known as Bopha shows signs of doubling back on the Philippines where it has already killed hundreds. The sudden monster … Continue reading

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Impenetrable Double Shell Tanks At Hanford Now Leaking High Level Radioactive Waste

The Missing Component In the Nuclear Debate: Still No Safe Place To Store High Level Waste As Cold War Facility Continues To Contaminate The Area A leak in the double-shell liners of Hanford’s Tank AY-102 is detailed in a newly … Continue reading

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I don’t think we can control what God controls: Rep Ralph Hall (R) Texas

 Remember the Bastards Who Sold You Down The River Wonder why there are so many impediments to solar and wind energy? Look no further than the outgoing Chair of the U.S. House of Representative House Committee on Science, Space, and … Continue reading

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