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Flood | Drought | Flood Australia’s New Normal

Unprecedented heat wave and wildfires interrupted by an unprecedented flood The Walker family escapes a wildfire by taking shelter under a dock as the fire destroys their home. A continent legendary for its weather extremes is enduring a combination of … Continue reading

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Mass Solomon Islands Dolphin Slaughter: Nothing Left To Be Said

The Payoff Didn’t Come Through, So 900 Bottlenose Dolphins Are Macheted Disrupted by the global economy, Solomon Islander see dolphin hunting as one the few options for survival. Every once in a while, someone on the Editorial Board notices that … Continue reading

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Giant Cannibal Shrimp Invading the Gulf

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water, Here Come the Asian Tiger Shrimp Asian Tiger Shrimp can grow up to a foot long, and are in the beginning stages of changing the marine ecosystem … Continue reading

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What’s Shaking In Bayou Corne: Louisiana Sinkhole “Undergoing a Growth Event”

Seismic Tremors Return as the Sinkhole from Hell Prepares To Swallow More of Bayou Corne There isn’t much to see at the Bayou Corne, LA sinkhole, which now measures over 9 acres and growing. CNN celebrity Anderson Cooper opened his … Continue reading

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The Global Mining Juggernaut: Move the Natives, Flatten the 13,123 Ft Mountain

Welcome to the Chinese Century | Global Economic Colonization This mountain won’t be here in two decades. It will be replaced with a mining crater. The holdouts in Morococha can stay til then. The Chinese mining company Chinalco is planning … Continue reading

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Pregnant Duchess Distracted By Climate Concerns As She Sits For Portrait

Britons Unsympathetic As Kate Fails to Hide Her Distraction With Cataclysmic Weather Damage Burned up sheep carcasses in Australia are among the many climate related events that are behind Kate’s worried smile. The English public was outraged Friday when the … Continue reading

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Permanent Coal Mine Fire Wiped Out Centralia, PA | 50 Year Anniversary

After 50 years of burning coal seams, Centralia remains an abandoned toxic testament to industrial progress No one lives in the little town of Centralia PA, located on route 61 in east central PA. Route 61 detours around the site, … Continue reading

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Tehran Shuts Down As Killer Air Pollution Worsens

Thousands Dying As Citizens Are Required To Stay Inside Government offices, schools, universities, banks and other institution shutdown for the second time in a month. Jan 2013 – A government minister announced an annual death toll in the thousands as … Continue reading

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Australia On Fire Again As Wildfires Rampage

2009 Revisited as Cataclysmic Fires Race Through Tasmania and NSW | New Colors Added To Official Charts For Temps That Exceed 122F NSW’s premier described the wildfire threat as the worst in the state’s history A record heatwave reminiscent of … Continue reading

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Runaway Drilling Rig: Shell’s Arctic Drilling Effort A Three Peat of Scary Accidents

These Are the Clowns Leading the Charge To Plunder the Arctic…Leaders In Technological Competence As Long As the Weather is Fine The mighty Kulluk is battered by waves as it was grounded ashore after getting away from the tow ships. … Continue reading

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