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Toxic Apocalypse Day 11: Berkeley Acid Lake | Superfund Site and Tourist Attraction | 1982 – Now

Water So Toxic It Will Dissolve a Metal Boat Not many people feel the urge to go boating on Berkeley Pit Lake in Butte Montana, but those who do use a fiberglas boat. That’s because the amazingly toxic waters will … Continue reading

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Toxic Apocalypse Day 10: Libby, Mt | Lethal Asbestos Contamination

400 people killed by asbestos exposure and over 1,700 are terminally sick as WR Grace walks away–again “Be slow, review things extensively and contribute to delay.” W.R. Grace founder Peter Grace was a vocal proponent of Catholic values unless they … Continue reading

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25 Days of Toxic Apocalypse Sites: #9 Secret City USA Nuclear Contamination | 1945 – Now

Oak Ridge Is Proud To Trade Jobs For Radioactivity Oak Ridge, Tennessee: Home of Atomic Civic Pride Known as the Secret City during the Cold War and now proudly (and with no sense of irony), the nuclear community of Oak … Continue reading

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Hanford Nuclear Facility is Toxic Apocalypse Site #8 | 6 Radioactive Waste Tanks Now Leaking!

Washington Governor Announces The Latest Bad News: Six Waste Tanks Leaking As is so often the case, Mapsters, it’s even worse than we thought. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has just announced that six nuclear waste storage tanks are now confirmed … Continue reading

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25 Days of Toxic Apocalypse Sites: #7 Lethal Lake Karachay, Russia | 1945 – Now

Lake Karachay Is So Radioactive, It Will Kill You In 5 Minutes 120 million curies of radioactive cesium-137 During the 1950′s the Soviet Union started using Lake Karachay to dump waste from Mayak, a nearby nuclear waste storage and reprocessing … Continue reading

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25 Days of Toxic Apocalypse Sites: #6 Centralia Eternal Coal Mine Fire

THE ‘SMOKINEST’ GHOST TOWN IN AMERICA IS ONE OF THOUSANDS OF COAL SEAM FIRES BURNING OUT OF CONTROL AROUND THE WORLD Celebrating 50 Years of Toxic Fumes From Hell’s Own Coal Mine Inferno No one lives in the former town … Continue reading

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25 Days of Toxic Apocalypse Sites: #5 Chernobyl | 1985

Still the Gold Standard of Nuclear Mishaps The official Russian death toll number is 43; the real number is closer to one million In April of 1986, the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, Ukraine blew up and caught fire. Two men … Continue reading

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25 Days of Toxic Apocalpyse: #4 Times Beach, MO Dioxin Poisoning | 1985

TOWN OF 2240 PERMANENTLY EVACUATED IN 1985 The Missouri town that is no more, poisoned out of existence by dioxin contamination Did there use to be town by the name of Times Beach near St. Louis, MO. One of our … Continue reading

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Toxic Apocalypse Site #3 Picher OK Poisons Itself Out of Existence | 2009

Evacuated in 2009 due to lead contamination, Picher OK is now a Superfund* ghost town too toxic to clean up. In 2009, the lead mining town of Picher, OK joined a number of more famous American non-cities that have been … Continue reading

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Toxic Apocalypse Site #2 Love Canal | 1978

AMERICAN CHEMICAL COMPANY WALKS AWAY, AND THE AREA REMAINS CONTAMINATED 30 YEARS LATER The 20,000-plus tons of chemicals buried at Love Canal are there to this day; EPA deemed it too dangerous to try to remove them. In 1978, the … Continue reading

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