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Fukushima Nuke Making Radioactive Water Faster Than Tepco Can Build New Leaky Tanks

Radioactive Groundwater Is Building Up Faster Than TEPCO Can Build Temporary Storage Tanks | The Underground Pits Are Already Leaking Unable to Dump Contaminated Water Into the Pacific (Like they Did Before) TEPCO is Starting To Panic and Whine Simultaneously … Continue reading

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Texas Messes With Itself As Chemical Plant Blows Up: The Big Lie Behind the Fake Economic Miracle

In the Absence of Muslims to Blame, Texans Will Prefer Not to Use the Mirror At least fifteen people in West, Texas are dead following that phenomenally large explosion at what is being called a fertilizer plant, but should really … Continue reading

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Somebody’s Lying In Arkansas: Exxon’s Claims Run Counter To Independent Testing

Independent Tests Show Lake Conway Is Now Contaminated By Tar Sands From 1,500,000 Gallon Pipeline Spill. Let’s Build More!!!!! As professional alarmists, we don’t want to take sides on this issue, but there seems to be some discrepancy between the … Continue reading

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Just Like Christmas and Easter, Earthday Fixes Everything In Just One Day!

Earthday Joins Religious Holidays as a Consumer Extravaganza In the race to convert every aspect of American life into a consumer goods crapfest, Christmas and Easter have a two millennia head start over Earthday, but the unnaturally green* celebration of … Continue reading

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Giant African Snail To Vacation Permanently in Florida

Add This Hungry Invasive Species to Lion Fish and Pythons The Giant African Snail is voracious, and can eat through stucco walls. Invasive species often threaten local wildlife and vegetation, but it is rare they threaten housing developments. Invasive species … Continue reading

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Remember Their Faces: Markwayne Mullin (R) Oklahoma Wants Us To “Pat Exxon On The Back” For Its Excellent Oil Spill

The Competition To Be The Biggest Right Wing, Oil Company Ass Kissing Psychopath in Oklahoma Is Fierce, But Markwayne “Is That Really Your Name” Mullin Takes the Honors This Week The Remember Their Faces series is rendered as a public … Continue reading

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OMG! OMG! OMG! Will Tiger Survive?

Tiger Woods Drops His Ball Incorrectly! Is This a Living Metaphor For An Era That Will See The Last of the Big Cats? Or Just Pathetic… Left: the results of the global poaching epidemic. Right: Tiger Woods drops a ball. … Continue reading

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Daiichi Nuclear Plant Disaster Continues As Leaks Beget More Leaks

Once The Nuclear Genie Gets Out, Public Officials and Engineers Don’t Seem Able To Contain It CEO Suney-Hisa Katsu-Mata and other TEPCO officials bow in sorriness for the public utility’s continued inability to contain the ongoing nuclear disaster at Daiichi. … Continue reading

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Could Big Iran Quake Be A HAARP Blast? Just Sayin’

Section # 6 In Our CatMap “Human Induced Earthquakes Report Deals With The HAARP Research Installation In Alaska 850 homes were destroyed by the April 8 earthquake near Bushehr, but the nuclear facility is OK.A 6.3 earthquake hit nearby the … Continue reading

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Assumption Parish Sinkhole Grows, Air Quality Alert Increased

As Exxon Bars The Press From It’s Pipeline Spill in Arkansas and A Chemical Release In New Orleans* Is Covered Up, the Assumption Parish Sinkhole Get 4 SECONDS on NBC! The Bayou Corne, LA sinkhole in Assumption Parish has now … Continue reading

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