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Kirabati Going Down | Island Nation Prepares to Evacuate 100,000

Pacific Islanders Join Maldives and Bangladesh Residents As the First Displaced People of the End Times.  North Carolina Still Isn’t Worried. Kiribati’s New President Backing Migration With Dignity The inhabitants of this 3000 mile long island country may or may … Continue reading

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Lake Peigneur Vortex: Sinkhole Repeating Louisiana’s History of Extraction Industry Disasters

In 1980, A Drilling / Mining Screw-Up Drained Lake Peigneur In Minutes…Let’s Do It Again Today we are going to share the amazing story of Lake Peigneur, a peaceful place in Louisiana that was completely drained 1980 by a mining … Continue reading

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Gulf Deadzone Creates A Suffocatin’ Fish Jubilee, Y’all

Deoxygenated water drives flounders, crabs and shrimp to shore and they git kilt by the humans waiting for ‘em There are lots of definitions of “Jubilee”, most of which are some form of celebration*. In Mobile Bay, Alabama, they have … Continue reading

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Senator Inhofe Is OK With Federal Disaster Relief, But Not For the East Coast

It Might Not Be Possible To Conceive Of A More Hypocritical Asshole Than James “the Hoax” Inhofe When the monster EF5 tornado wasted Moore, Oklahoma on May 20th, Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe was first in line to support for federal … Continue reading

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Cornering The Market on Orcas | When Private Equity Owns Endangered Species, Trainer Death is Collateral Damage

Private Investment Firm Values Its Killer Orca At $10 Million As Tilikum & Co Drive A Profitable IPO To understand what is really happening in the “news”, sometimes if helps to read the financial pages. You might remember back in 2010 … Continue reading

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It Begins At Phosphate Mines Hidden Away In Florida And Ends Up In Dead Zones

Driven By Industrial Mono-culture Agriculture, The Deployment of Chemical Fertilizer Is Destructive At Every Phase Beginning with the ecological decimation of phosphate mines in Central Florida to the creation of dead zones in the oceans and seas, the price of … Continue reading

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Tiger Has An Argument With Another Grownup On Their Big Green Playground

As long as their is water for golf, the poisoning of Appalachia’s drink water by mining and drilling activities is not interesting. We can certainly understand the nation’s obsession with golf. All you have to do is tune into a … Continue reading

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Keep Drillin’ Boys! Atmospheric Carbon Levels Reach 400 PPM As Global Hydrocarbon PLUNDER-AMA Gathers Momentun

Given a Paradise, We Create A Barren, Degraded Hell Hole On Earth As the global drilling, mining and extraction accelerates, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that the daily average concentration of CO2 has crossed the 400 parts per … Continue reading

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More Tremors As Assumption Parish Sinkhole Acreage Exceeds Superdome Area

If You Wanted To Drop the Superdome Into the Bayou Corne Sinkhole, Now You Could | 350 Exiles Are Homeless As Nine Months Tick By As we pass through the first nine months of the Bayou Corne, Louisiana fiasco, the toxic, … Continue reading

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Drought Stricken Westerners May Be Praying to the Wrong God

Magical Thinking Appears To Be Ineffective With Regard to Climate Driven Catastrophes | Or It Could Just Be Gay Marriage Back in 2011, Rick Perry – by virtue of his power as evangelical governor of Texas – engineered an officially … Continue reading

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