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Sumatra Torches Its Forests, Singapore Chokes

Killer Air Pollution From Slash and Burn Farming: Sumatra Tells Singapore to Get Over It. The consequences of the rape of Borneo and Sumatra extend far beyond Indonesia’s borders Singapore may be a police state, but that doesn’t mean they … Continue reading

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Kardashian Gives Birth! Chemical Explosions Replace the Star In the East

18 People Now Dead As Chemical Plant Blasts Spoil Kim Kardashian’s Miracle Millions of babies are born each day, but when one of them is Kim’s it somehow seems special JUNE 15, CANCER ALLEY, LA, in Donaldsonville a few miles … Continue reading

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Nestle’s Newest Water Mine | Plundering A Scarce Public Resource For Profit

As the West endures an epic drought and Colorado burns, Nestle Waters prepares to pump millions of gallons of water out of a Colorado aquifer The clear and sparkling names of bottled water brands cloak a global privatization of fresh … Continue reading

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Because They Can | Petroleum Coke Mountains In Detroit

More Toxic Carbon Waste From The Koch Boys Three stories high and a block wide, petroleum coke is a waste product from tar sands refining. There are no plans for what to do with it. One of lesser known dark … Continue reading

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Amphibian Extinction: Salamander In The Coal Mine

According to Scientific American, Amphibians Are Dying Off At An Alarming Rate Future campers will only hear the croaking of frogs on their “extinct species” app A U.S.Geological Survey Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative study conducted over the last decade … Continue reading

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New Earthquake Swarms In Arkansas | “Powerball Kind of Odds”

Two New Wastewater Injection Wells In The Area, But State Geologist Can’t Quite Seem To Make a Connection The scientific opinion of a geologist depends on where he collects his paycheck When we first reported on earthquake swarms in Arkansas … Continue reading

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10,000 Evacuated In Europe As Once A Century Flooding Hits Twice This Century

10 Dead In Germany/June 2013 Das is nicht möglich A state of emergency has been declared in Eastern Europe and Germany as the second once in a century flood since 2002 killed at least 10 in southern and eastern Europe … Continue reading

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295 MPH Winds and 2.6 Miles Wide | Second EF5 Tornado In Two Weeks

Two EF5 Monsters Are 25% Of 8 Total Since 1950 El Reno, OK Tornado Was Wider Than Manhattan 18 more people were killed in a new tornado outbreak that followed the Moore, OK disaster a week later. With wind speeds … Continue reading

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Manatee Die Off Unprecedented | 2013

Red Tide Toxins Kill Hundreds In Rapidly Diminishing Population Red Tide Blooms Seriously Threaten Florida’s Remaining Manatee Population 300 Manatee have been recorded dead in Florida already in 2013, a record number. Most were killed by the effects of this … Continue reading

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