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Oil Spill Thailand: The Problem With Those Pipe Lines

Seem Like There’s A New Oil Spill Every Day? PTT Global Chemical Pipeline Pops Off Thailand Shore Paying the price of oil pimpin’ every day somewhere on the planet A pipeline breach off the coast of Thailand has spewed about … Continue reading

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The Arctic Methane Bomb: Massive Carbon Feedback As Permafrost Melt Accelerates

Once Trapped In Permafrost, Huge Methane Deposits Are Entering The Atmosphere Not Photoshop and Not A Parlor Game: A University of Alaska Scientist Lights Escaping Methane From a Thawed Pond on the Fairbanks Campus Once trapped beneath the vast reaches … Continue reading

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Another Gas Well Blowout In the Gulf Burns Out of Control

No Really, the Oil And Gas Guys Know Exactly What They Are Doing Just Another Day In Petro Cell Pool Called The Gulf Of Mexico Beyond the fact that “there goes another one”, there isn’t a lot more to say … Continue reading

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It’s A Royal Boy Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take The CatMap Royal Baby Celebration Survey!

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Flooding In India Worst On Record

Torrential Mountain Tsunami Combines The Worst of Nature and Bad Human Decisions A submerged idol of Hindu Lord Shiva stands in the flooded River Ganges in Rishikesh, in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, India | Torrential Rains In Mountains … Continue reading

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Remember Their Faces | Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Has Spent His Tenure Prosecuting A Climate Scientist

 Remember the Bastards Who Sold You Down The River Cucchinelli’s shaky investment in a company selling an Altzheimer’s cure makes you wonder a little about his scientific skills The man who would be governor of Virginia has specialized in trying … Continue reading

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Global Jellyfish Onslaught A Sign of the Times

Mass Invasions of Jellyfish Into New Habitats Is Not Science Fiction From the Mediterranean to Australia, This Ancient Lifeform Is On The Move Hordes of Portuguese man-of-war are washing up on the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, stinging life … Continue reading

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Highly Radioactive Water From Broke-Down Fukushima Nuke Plant Flows To The Ocean

Fukushima groundwater radiation levels up 90X Tokyo Electric Officials Don’t What Whether the Radioactive Water Is Flowing Into the Sea. But Says It Probably Is According to a report in the London Times, radiation levels of groundwater flowing from the … Continue reading

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Joey Chesnut Provides Hot Dog Eating Context For Liberians

Joey Chesnut Wins 7th Straight Hot Dog Eating Contest Without adult supervision, there is no telling what the human species might get up to. Joey Chesnut: what an amazing competitor and what more fitting Fourth of July tribute than the … Continue reading

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Canadian Train Wreck Causes Lethal Crude Oil Fireball

Petro Blast and Explosion as Runaway Pressurized Petroleum Train Plows Into Lac-Megantic, Quebec Canada’s second railway incident involving crude oil transportation in a week. At least fifteen people are dead in eastern Quebec July 6 as a runaway tanker train … Continue reading

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