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Update: 12 Total Spills Bring Petroleum Leaks to 37,000 Gallons

First they said: don’t worry about a thing. That’s what they always say. And everyday, the total oil spills keep coming When nature and man combine forces, the consequences of catastrophes multiply [UPDATE 9/25: The latest tally of oil spills … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between a Poacher and the Owner of Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches

ANSWER: One does it for money, the other does it for fun Jimmy John’s Owner Jimmy John Liautaud Likes To Kill Large Mammals NO STUDIES YET AVAILABLE ON COMPENSATION ISSUES FOR BIG GAME HUNTERS WHO OWN COMPANIES THAT MAKE TORPEDO … Continue reading

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Oyster Die Off Begins As Oceans Acidify

CHANGING WATER CHEMISTRY PREVENTS YOUNG OYSTERS FROM FORMING SHELLS A researcher at Oregon State checks the status of oyster larvae. The problem with the beginning of the End Times is that they don’t look like the apocalyptic films that explode … Continue reading

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Rosia Montana Will Be Mine All Mine

Romanian Town Points To Past Environmental Atrocities As It Protests A Mine That Will Destroy It Our Lady of The Sludge in Geamana, Romania: This church and the rest of the town that used to be there is submerged in … Continue reading

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Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) | Remember Their Faces #8

 Remember the Bastards Who Sold You Down The River Not the same guy as the horror writer by the same name, yet more frightening than anything Steven King could imagine Republican Congressman Steve King is nothing if not bought and … Continue reading

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Colorado: Record Wildfires Record Floods in “Thousand Year Flood”

Mojo Nature Goes About Her Cleansing With 1,000 Year Flood Approx half of expected annual rainfall fell in a few days, following a summer of drought HISTORICAL FLOODS BEING CALLED “BIBLICAL” BY SOME Record rains continued falling the Denver/Boulder area … Continue reading

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Timpson, TX Didn’t Have Earthquakes Before the Fracking Disposal Wells Came To Town

Contrary to Industry Claims Fracking-Induced Quakes Are Causing Damage “We never had these before they started punching all them holes in the ground”* Add Timpson, TX to the list of places that are just going to have to get used … Continue reading

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Afghanistan’s Few Forests Almost Gone

Americans Gone, Taliban Back, Illegal Loggers Clear Cut Remaining Forests For Sale to Pakistan Most People Think All of Afghanistan Looks Like This, And Soon It Will As Indonesia wipes out its once vast rain forests (and the orangutans who … Continue reading

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Record Breaking Floods and WildFires In Far East Russia | 2013

‘This water level has never been reported in the history of Komsomolsk’ Flooding In Russia’s Far East Has Already Cost Over $1 Billion In late August and early Sept 2013 the far eastern region of Russia has been hit by … Continue reading

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