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Rick Prayed For Rain But Jesus Did Not Make It Rain | Now Rick Has To Try Other Things

91% Of Texas Is In Drought As Perry Signs Emergency Water Bill Austin’s premier recreational lake Back in the early days of the calamitous drought that has gripped the Southwest for several years, Rick Perry defiantly held a massive Christian … Continue reading

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Remember Their Faces: PM Tony Abbott Moves Backward As Australia Burns

Scientists Push Back As Prime Minister Denies What Is Happening All Around Him “Climate science is absolute crap” – Tony Abbott It’s not that anyone thinks Australia has ever had an ideal climate or that the catastrophic wildfires burning for … Continue reading

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Ocean Acidity Is Changing Everything Fast: The Longterm Future Has Arrived

As the Seas Absorb More and More Carbon Dioxide, Marine Life Begins the Mass Die Off Dying coral reefs are only one sign of the rapid decline of oceans One of the challenges in comprehending the environmental collapse now enveloping … Continue reading

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Koch Brothers Pile High Sulfur Petroleum Waste In The Midwest: Because They Can

BP Can’t Store the Refinery Waste In Indiana, So Over the Border It Goes Black mountains up to five stories high produced by waste from Canadian Tar Sands The petroleum boys are pretty good at coming up with happy names … Continue reading

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1.3 Million Gallons Of Crude Bubbles Up In A North Dakota Wheat Field

Farmer Discovered the Spill In His Wheatfield Because the Pipeline Operator Had No Idea This spill is roughly three times the mess Exxon made in Mayflower, AR in March 2013. Wait! You didn’t hear about that one either? In late … Continue reading

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Tick Talk: Climate Driven Invasion of the Contagious Insects

Ticks and Other Nasties Are Spreading New Lethal Diseases As They Move North With The Climate Most humans didn’t really respect the lowly tick, but they are learning to. A variation occasionally deployed by paid climate de-stablization “skeptics”* is that … Continue reading

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Early Monster Blizzard Kills GOP Cattle, But Where Is the Federal Aid?

Record Breaking Snow Storm Kills Thousands of Cattle, But The Government Is Unable To Help. Cause It’s Closed The hearty self sufficient ranchers of South Dakota have been hit by a major weather catastrophe that has wiped out huge percentages … Continue reading

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Koreans Launch Drones To Destroy Invasive Jellyfish Swarms

As the Global Jellyfish Plague Swells and Intensifies, At Least One Brave Nation is Fighting Back Although these strange blobular lifeforms has been around for 650 millon years or so, it is only in the past decade they have begun … Continue reading

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How Man Causes Earthquakes: A New Book From CatMap

A New Kindle Download $3.99 at As another wastewater injection storage well is closed down in Love County, Oklahoma, there is no doubt whatsoever that high pressure gas and oil deep storage wells cause earthquake swarms. The State Geological … Continue reading

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Who Pays the Price for Coolness? Conflict Minerals In Congo

Google “Conflict Minerals” On Your iPad Mines like this are used to fund weapons for whatever group controls the territory (National Geographic photo). Some components of our nifty electronic lifestyle begin in places that are not cool at all. There … Continue reading

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