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A SlowMo Nuclear Disaster: Savanna River Will Be All Cleaned Up Fer Sure By 2040

Savannah River Weapons Site Has Been Leaking Radioactivity Since Long Before Fukushima Was Built…But Cleanup Money has Been Voted Down By Guess Who Self sufficient Carolingians suspect that Dept Energy money is being diverted to the Hanford Nuclear Cluster Jerk In Washington … Continue reading

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The Pacific Gyre of Toxic Crap and an Island Superfund Site

Floating Continents of Toxic Marine Debris Are Way Less Benign Than They Sound In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Tern Island May Be Our First Offshore Superfund Site From time to time, you may read an article about what … Continue reading

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When the fracking boys need your land: how the goons get around the law

Free market types proclaim the sacred rights of private property, unless they need your land for mining The way to get around LaSalle County’s ban on mining on farmlands, is to takeover the farmland and zone it to be no … Continue reading

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Alarming and irreversible degeneration of the Ocean

We don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but the oceans aren’t just getting warmer, their very chemistry is changing… And that’s very bad news for all forms of life on this planet. It seems likely that the human brain … Continue reading

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Historic Storms Lash The Planet As World Governments Guarantee A Climate Apocalypse

Australia, Japan, Ecuador and Poland Move Backwards | Philippines, Illinois, Australia, Poland, Sardinia and Somalia Hit By Lethal and Historic Weather Events 8 dead in Midwestern tornadoes including 2 E4′s in Illinois. Somehow reported without a mention of global warming. … Continue reading

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Spills, Explosions, Fires: The Petro Boys Can’t Seem To Contain Their Oily Seed

A Train Blows Up Following A Derailment And Dumps Crude in Alabama Wetlands The tanker train was carrying 2.7 million gallons of crude oil Flames shot three hundred feet into the air as 20 cars on a crude oil train … Continue reading

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Texas Evangelical David Barton Acknowledges Anthropogenic Global Warming

The Only Slight Divergence Is That Barton Blames Climate Change On Sin whap, here comes storms like we’ve never seen before. And here comes floods like we’ve never seen before. And here comes the climate stuff that we can’t explain!” … Continue reading

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Converting Jews To Bring On The End Times

When George Bush Said, Bring It On, We Thought He Meant Something Quite Different Jesus is getting impatient with the Jews…it’s been 2,000 years already Many people don’t realize how stressful the world of doomsday alarmism can be, but we … Continue reading

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Massive Starfish Die Off Bodes Ill For Marine Life

Sea Star Wasting Disease Is Baffling Scientists, But It Isn’t Baffling Us Starfish melt away Last week we reported on the changes in ocean chemistry brought on by ever increasing levels of CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere. The problem here … Continue reading

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“A New Kind of Industrial Accident” | Tar Sands Driller Can’t Stop Underground Well Blowout

Uncappable Bitumen Well Blowout In Alberta Is In Its Sixth Month And Still Growing* Cold Lake’s unstoppable oil spill has been gurgling for months, but it’s not the first of it’s kind The reason Canadian Natural Resources Ltd** has banned … Continue reading

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