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2013 In Review: Profile of A Sadly Damaged Planet

The Race To the End Times Accelerates No return to normal as unprecedented events move inexorably toward a cataclysmic future SUMMMARY Atmospheric CO2 levels reach 400 PPM for the first time in human history Acidification of the oceans dooming shellfish, starfish and … Continue reading

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The Arctic Drilling Contradiction: Drilling Now Possible Because of Rapidly Melting Ice They Deny Is Melting

Arctic Ice Opens Up As Petroleum Interests Spend Billions To Fund Global Warming Deniers. Get It? An appreciation of irony is not built into the DNA of industry sociopaths The petro boys are falling all over themselves preparing the plunder … Continue reading

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Back to Normal In the Gulf, Except For The Dying Dolphins

Dramatic increase in dolphin mortality in the Gulf of Mexico continues years after BP disaster Hundreds of dolphins are sick or dying three plus years after the Macondo well / Deepwater Horizon oil spill A new study funded by BP* … Continue reading

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How The Liars Do It: Dodging Responsibility for Injection Well-Induced Earthquakes

“People Are Fed Up With The Earthquakes” Even in the bright red petro state known as Oklahoma, the citizens are growing weary of earthquakes caused by injection wells. Do you think the oil and gas boys paid for the damage … Continue reading

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Hanford “Magic Glass” Nuclear Cluster Jerk May Make a Big Crater Instead

If 56 Million Gallons of Lethal Radioactive Waste Leaking At Hanford Don’t Trouble You, Maybe The Billions of Dollars Down the Tubes Should Bechtel National, an engineering firm with very good connections, is going to turn radioactive sludge into magic … Continue reading

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“Worrying Findings” As Jellyfish Invasion Hits Ireland Coast

Unprecedented Northerly Migration Of Multiple Marine Species Barrel Jellyfish and Triggerfish Don’t Belong In The Irish Sea Continuing our documentation of the rapid changes taking place in the oceans (see detailed story here), we note a report from Ireland’s Coastwatch … Continue reading

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Two Headed Trout and Other Effects of Global Selenium Contamination

Fish Deformities In Idaho Stream Just Another Development In The Global Poisoning of The Planet By Mining and Coal Interests Yes, we could have photoshopped this two-headed baby trout but we didn’t have to. The mining company did it with … Continue reading

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