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War Record: Comparing the Fearsome Dick Cheney to Pete Seeger

But it was not the one named Dick During the Vietnam War, uber patriot Dick Cheney sought and received five deferments. He sought his first in 1963 as a student at Casper Community College. The Selective Service lifted its ban … Continue reading

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Latest TransCanada Explosion In Manitoba Doesn’t Inspire Confidence In Pipeline Safety

Let’s Approve the Keystone Kops XL Pipeline Now! TransCanada is the company that wants to build the Keystone XL Pipeline Across the Great Plains. This is some of improved safety technology they been talkin’ up [ At a press conference … Continue reading

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Koch vs Coke: How Economic Interests Influence Your Climate “Belief” System

Coca Cola Publicly Acknowledges the Reality of Anthropogenic Global Warming While The Koch Brothers Spend Billions Funding the Denier Network In spite of their feel good advertising over the years*, few people have considered nominated the Coca Cola Company for … Continue reading

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Bottom Trawling Factory Ships Stripping The Oceans Of Life

90% Of Large Fish Species Have Disappeared From the Ocean Industrial Fisheries Deploy Miles Long Nets To Scour the Oceans of All Living Things The oceans are on the brink of catastrophic collapse for a lot of reasons: rapid acidification … Continue reading

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Toxic Apocalypse #26: 100 Years of Lead Contamination in Kabwe, Zambia

Newest Toxic Apocalypse is a devastated land where mining has permanently contaminated soil water and humans Another of Africa’s toxic urban wastelands Kabwe is located about 90 miles north of Lusaka, Zambia’s capital city in the region know as the … Continue reading

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Mojo Nature Asks: What Would You Like To Be Today?

Thanks To Lack of Regulation, The Captains of Dirty Energy Industries Can Make Your Life Very Exciting Without Warning! Mojo wants to know: will your town blow up, will you have an earthquake or have your water supply be contaminated? … Continue reading

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Toxic Coal Chemical Contaminates WV Water Supply | Freedom Industries Declares Bankrupcy

ComFreedom Industries Storage Tank Springs a Big Toxic Leak Upstream from Charleston, WV Water Intake Coal cleaning chemical spill brings state capital to a standstill UPDATE JAN 17: Freedom Industries’s owner Cliff Forrest – a mining executive – has declared … Continue reading

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Ooops. Another Oil Train Blows Up In New Brunswick

Crude Oil and Propane Go Up In Flames As Fifth Oil Tanker Train Derails Burning tanker cars are partly due to industry refusal to upgrade junky old rolling stock Another train carrying explosive propane and crude oil derailed and caught … Continue reading

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Orbital Debris Layer: Humans Create Space Waste

Should the sequel to Gravity be called “Junk”? Image Generated by NASA is a representation of actual debris being tracked by the agency* There were several complaints about the “science” in the blockbuster movie “Gravity”**, but one aspect of the … Continue reading

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Irish Coastal Devastation: 65 Foot Waves and 100 MPH Winds Not Seen “In Living Memory”

Sea Walls, Buildings and Other Infrastructure Ripped Up By Angry Surging Atlantic Promenade in Lahinch, Clare destroyed by unprecedented tidal surge and storms The Irish are used to heavy storms pounding its coast and have built the shoreline buildings and … Continue reading

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