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Cities Running Out of Water As Brazil’s Epic Drought Worsens

California Is Not The Only Key Food Producing Region Undergoing “A Long Emergency” Dance while you can: You’ll “believe” soon enough While Brazil’s ruling classes get all giddy at the prospect of hosting the World Cup, the agricultural heartland has … Continue reading

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Canadian Pipeline Company Puts Michigan Grandmas In Jail

MI Cats Get The Book Thrown At Them For Protesting 1 Million Gallon Enbridge Pipeline Spill Bail revoked for protesters as they await sentencing. Grandmothers deemed flight risks? In July 2010, an Canadian-owned pipeline ruptured and dumped a million gallons … Continue reading

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No Room For Monarch Butterflies In The End Times

Now Would Be A Good Time To Show Your Kids A Monarch Butterfly If you can find one Barbara Kingsolver’s 2010 novel Flight Behavior ended on a positive note, but that is not likely to be the note the Monarch … Continue reading

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Three Fer For Major Toxic Coal Chemical Spills

Those “Patriots” Wipe Out Another West Virginia Stream With 100,000 Gallons of Toxic Coal Slurry Starting the new year with three major spills Those super Americans at Patriot Coal*** Corp are at it again, spilling 108,000 gallons of coal slurry … Continue reading

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North Carolina Blocked Efforts To Clean Up Coal Ash Dumps

Duke Energy Enlists State Officials to block Clean Water Act Enforcement Millions of gallons of contaminated water spewed from the unlined 27 acre storage pond. [ UPDATE FEB 14 – There is actually a reason why the Clean Water Act … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Driving Historic UK Storms

It’s either same sex marriage or global warming English authorities can’t claim they were warned about divine retribution Coastal areas throughout the UK have suffered storm and flood damage unprecedented in terms of human record keeping. This year’s devastation follows … Continue reading

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Colorado River Dries Up Before It Reaches The Ocean

Unprecedented Drought, Greedy Cities and Short-sighted Policies Are Killing The Lifeblood of the Southwest Delta Blues: National Geographic photo of the mudflats that used to be the Colorado delta at the Sea of Cortez Devastated by 14 years of unprecedented … Continue reading

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Cruise Ships Using The Ocean As Their Personal Toilet

Another Cruise Ship Returns to Port Carrying Infected Passengers, But That’s Not The Biggest Problem With Cruise Ships Floating crapfests doesn’t necessarily refer to the entertainment. But it could. Another luxury cruise liner returned to port full of sick passengers … Continue reading

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