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Permafrost no longer perma: Buildings and Infrastructure Collapse as the Arctic Melts

Foundations of far northern infrastructure and coastal erosion all driven by global warming. This is not an earthquake, but one of hundreds of building collapsing into foundations that had been solid for millennia. “…even the deepest permafrost is several degrees … Continue reading

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For Thousands of Australia’s Iconic Species, the End Times Have Already Begun

“I’m afraid to tell everybody we’re in a terminal situation. We’re confronting a whole raft of species about to go over the extinction cliff.” Professor David Bowman, University of Tasmania, quoted on ABC Australia. Smart money says: give up most … Continue reading

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North Dakota Oil Spill Makes March Three Peat (Make That Four)

Four Major Spills In Ohio, North Dakota, Texas, Illinois Spew Crude Around the US Petro State Pipeline breaches or ships colliding in the fog, the results are the same. March 2014 – Three major oil spills since St. Patrick’s Day … Continue reading

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Houston We Have A Problem: Big Oil Spill In Galveston Bay

168,000 Gallons of Tar Gunk Near Migratory Bird Sanctuary Containment Was Never A Possibility – Capt. Brian Penoyer, commander of the Coast Guard at Houston-Galveston March 22, 2014 – A little incident in the Houston Ship Channel has closed the … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Pipeline Spill: 10,000 Gallons Into Ohio Nature Preserve

Sunoco oil pipeline celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by dying a river brown Major oil spill into the Oak Glen Nature Preserve near the Great Miami River. Let’s build more and more and more. In Chicago, we celebrate the wearing of … Continue reading

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Last Stable Ice Sheet In Greenland Is Melting

As huge masses of land ice melt, the seas are rising even faster Destabilization of once stable ice sheets will affect coastal cities in the U.S. except in North Carolina* As climate scientists attempt to predict how fast and high … Continue reading

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Free Speech, Free Markets: It’s All Relative on Planet GOP

In The Hands Of Lying Republican Governors, Freedom’s Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose Christ “Free Markets” Christie Is All About Capitalism, Unless You Have A Better Idea That Competes With The Entrenched Powers. Bobby “Teach Creationism” Jindal … Continue reading

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Marc Marano: Making Good Dough As A Global Warming Septic

A peculiar form of science from a paid mouthpiece In the near future, there will come a day of reckoning for those who lied to the gullible for money. Make sure Marc is on the list. Suggestion: Marc wants to … Continue reading

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Extinction Hall of Fame: Tasmanian Tiger | RIP 1933

Unique species hunted out of existence The Tassie Tiger combined attributes dogs and marsupials. A species that traces its roots back the the early Miocene was wiped out by the particularly rapacious species that inhabits Australia and Tasmania in the … Continue reading

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Attack of the P. Sibericum: It Came From Within The Permafrost

French scientists free an ancient giant virus locked into the Siberian permafrost for 30,000 years. History Shows Again and Again How Nature Points Out the Folly Of Man When Blue Oyster Cult wrote these lyrics for their hit “Godzilla”, it … Continue reading

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