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Complain About Methane In Your Drinking Water And Get Your Ass Sued…

And Other Highlights of This Month’s Oil And Gas Company Abuse Where did all that radioactive drilling waste come from? These are bags full of radioactive oil filter “socks” piled in a Noonan, ND gas station. Oil socks are the … Continue reading

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Jesus Died So You Could Have Plastic Chinese Crap For Easter

This must be that religious liberty that is under attack Jesus might be coming back, but it won’t be in time to save the planet Every year at this time, Americans consume $ billions of Easter candy and plastic crap … Continue reading

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Is A Toxic Wasteland The Cost of Economic Boom: Flaring Burning Spilling In North Dakota

The Price of the Bakken Oil Field Bonanza Gas flares light the peaceful prairie skies of North Dakota Every night, thousands of flare stacks burn off natural gas – otherwise known as methane – in North Dakota’s booming Bakken oil … Continue reading

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As Our Oceans Turn Acidic and Warm, They Fill With Toxic Plastic and Other Consumer Waste

An ocean filled with crap a passing note in the obsessive search for flight 370 See anything you recognize? The consumer crap, fishing gear and other marine artifacts of the Late Human era are not only unsightly only unaesthetic. They … Continue reading

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Plan To Wipe Mossville, LA Off The Face of The Earth: First Poison ‘Em, Then Force ‘Em Out Cheep

Town Founded In 1790 By Former Slaves Will Be Erased By New South African Chemical Plant Final update to Toxic Apocalypse #14 Mossville is an historic, African American community founded in the 1790s next to Lake Charles, Louisiana. Today, the … Continue reading

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