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A Torrent of Plastic Waste Released By Rapidly Melting Arctic

1 Trillion Pieces of Plastic Trash Flow Into The Ocean Microplastic “legacy” is frozen into Arctic sea ice You’ve no doubt heard the tales in passing of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a huge vortex of decaying, toxic plastic consumer … Continue reading

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Rate of Antarctic Ice Melt Doubles

CryoSat-2 Satellite Shows Loss 159 billion Tons a Year FOX news science to the contrary, only one result can be expected when this much land based ice melts into the sea. Following on the heels of last week’s announcement that … Continue reading

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BP Spews Its Oily Seed Over 33 Acres In Prudhoe Bay, AK

Meet the New BP. Same as the old BP BP has encountered a lot of challenges relating to spending the money required to maintain its infrastructure. BP, the oil company who brought you the Deepwater Horizon disaster, has reported another … Continue reading

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Irreversible, Unstoppable West Antarctic Glacier Collapse

More proof that alarmist climate reports are flawed: they are not alarmist enough “Unstoppable glacier melt will accelerate rates beyond existing predictions As predicted for over a decade, the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has accelerated to a … Continue reading

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Keeping the People of South Carolina Stupid

Why would the government of South Carolina suppress a climate change report on sea level rise? We might know the answer Debordieu, a gated community south of Myrtle Beach near Georgetown wants taxpayer money rebuild the sea wall that protects … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Dries Up As Senator Inhofe Insists Global Warming is a Hoax

Wheat crop already devastated as epic Oklahoma drought shows no signs of lifting Lake Texoma is a victim of the extended drought and regional water wars. The lackof lake is causing huge losses to local tourism. However, those losses will … Continue reading

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Want To Improve the Economy? Pipeline Company Says Oil Spills Will Help!

We don’t make stuff up because we don’t have to Sure 11 men died on the Deepwater Horizon platform, but think how many jobs it created! According to pipeline giant KinderMorgan, you couldn’t wish for a better economic boon than … Continue reading

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Bad News Compendium May 3, 2014

The News You Undoubtedly Missed During the Sterling/Bundy Crisis Dust Bowl 2014 Colorado’s soil is being contaminated by the ever growing oil and gas boom. The Denver post reports that 200 gallons a day is spilled into the state’s once … Continue reading

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Another Oil Train Derails, Explodes, Spills

Downtown Lynchburg, VA Evacuated As Oil Train Blows UP and Burns Downtown Lynchburg, VA was evacuated mid afternoon on April 30 as a CSX tanker train carrying oil derailed and blew up. By our count, this is the eight major … Continue reading

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