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Cluster Fukushima: “Ice Wall” Cannot Contain Radioactive Water Onslaught

History Shows Again And Again How Nature Points Out the Folly of Man 300 tons of radioactive water pour into the Pacific every day as TEPCO initiates a new type of cluster fukushima The US nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki … Continue reading

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Senegal Sea Level Rise Already At Emergency Levels

How both salt water incursion and drought threaten water supply and the very existence of the capital city An ill-advised and half-hearted attempt to dig a drainage canal only made the situation worse in the nearby town of Doun Baba … Continue reading

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Soon, the Earth Really Will Be Flat

Mountaintop Removal Mining in Appalachia and China’s Massive Flattening Projects First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is…what? China is in the process of flattening 700 mountains in order to build a brand new mega … Continue reading

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Killing the Oceans With Carbon Dioxide

Even If There Were “No such Thing” As Global Warming, the Acidification of the Oceans Is A Mega Crisis In Its Own Right It’s Not a Problem For the Future, It’s a Problem for the Now “Under business as usual, … Continue reading

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“OK Mate, Maybe just a FEW Worries”: Australia’s Unprecedented, Unending Heat Wave

Two Years Of Unprecedented Temperatures Finally Making the Aussies Nervous Queensland afflicted by the drought – flood – drought cycle In 2013 Australian citizens elected Tony Abbott Prime Minister. As much of a right wing asshole as any American Tea … Continue reading

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The Ironies of Oklahoma: Using Your Tax Dollars To Survive Global Warming

Entering year 4 of the Beginning of the End Times Decade*, Oklahoma is Ground Zero As the Epic Drought Continues, Farmers In The Very Red State Prepare To Receive Your Bailout Oklahoma is an interesting state, home of some of … Continue reading

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