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Oil Company Enlists Indigenous Villagers to Clean Up Latest Spill

Petroperu Gets Caught Oily Handed In Amazon Pipeline Spill “And if you work real hard, eventually the fish will return” Oil companies are all pretty much the same: they cut corners whenever they think they can get away with it … Continue reading

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Mystery Crater Likely Methane Blast from Thawing Permafrost

260 Ft Wide Crater In Northern Siberia Portent of Melting Permafrost Probably not an alien spacecraft or meteorite A mysterious hole about 260 feet in diameter has been discovered in northern Siberia, an area known even in Siberia as “the … Continue reading

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As Nevada Dries Up, Vegas Fixes To Steal Water From Dairy Farmers

Las Vegas Is Out Of Water, But Nevada Dairy Farmers Have Some Left. Come and Get It. The “bathtub ring” around Lake Mead tells the story as water levels fall to their lowest since Hoover Dam opened Water wars in … Continue reading

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Sucking Up the Future as the Ogallala Is Pumped Dry

The Ogallala Aquifer Supplies Groundwater to Eight States. When it’s Gone, It’s Gone For Good And it’s going very fast The Ogallala aquifer has provided irrigation and drinking water to portions of eight high plains western states for over six … Continue reading

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As Earthquake Swarms Double In Oklahoma, We Review The Oil Company Progression of Lies

“I don’t think they really care about the people and their homes, the land, all of that. I don’t think they care as long as they make their money.” This time around, the lawyers are going to get some justice … Continue reading

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