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Pandora’s Can of Worms: SuperPests, SuperWeeds and SuperBugs:

As nature continues to out smart humans in the mutation wars, the only winner is corporate profits We have created a new mutant strain of corn root worm and other agricultural pests that scoff at bioengineering A new mutant corn … Continue reading

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Massive Fish Die Offs In Mexico

50 Million Tons of Dead Fish in the Latest Mystery Kill The 4th mass kill off in Lake Cajititlán this year Millions of dead fish are again washing up on the shores of Lake Cajititlán, not far from Guadalajara, Mexico. … Continue reading

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Farmlands wrecked by fracking waste in North Dakota

When the global drilling juggernaut is finally over, what will we eat? In this free market scenario, the oil companies reap the profits and the farmers pay the price for ruined land. It’s kind of the American way. Following a … Continue reading

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