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Chocolate As An Endangered Species: Now Are You Worried?

Disease and drought threaten the global supply of cocoa Don’t worry Charlie. There will always be some for rich people It’s one thing to lose a few thousand species here and there, but the threats to the global supply of … Continue reading

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Madagascar Lemurs Next Up on the Extinction Parade

Lemurs only live on Madagascar and most of them won’t be living for much longer The greater bamboo lemur is down to 150 total animals worldwide A new study in the peer-reviewed magazine Science describes Madagascar’s 101 lemur species are … Continue reading

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Marshall Islands Going Under

Drought Decimates One Side of Archipelago , King Tides Take Out The Capital Climate Refugees In Pacific Atolls Consider Their Options As Oceans Rise Ever Faster As the global warming denying Republicans celebrate their victory, the waters of the Pacific … Continue reading

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