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Gold Mines Denuding and Poisoning Vast Swaths of Peruvian Rain Forest

The Species That Likes Shiny Shiny Doesn’t Care Much About Who Dies To Get The Shiny We know about this only because of the fake climate summit in Lima in December. The mining has been going on for decades, but … Continue reading

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Thilafushi: Maldives’ Manmade Smoking Island of Trash

With The Island Paradise’s Very Existence Threatened By Rapidly Rising Seas, An Extra Island For Garbage Seemed Like A Good Idea As the ecological disaster unfolds, the population voted the reformist government out of office and replaced it with paranoid … Continue reading

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Another Massive Marine Life Massacre Off Peruvian Coast

Another “Mysterious” Die Off As 700 Dead Sea Lions and Other Marine Animals Wash Ashore Whether fishermen did it, or ocean pollution, the results are the same Sea lions are not an endangered species yet, but they have been having … Continue reading

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