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Burma Shave: China Loots Myanmar of Trees and Minerals

“Smuggling” Logs Is Damn Near Impossible Without Government Collaboration Illegal logging and an environmentally catastrophic copper mine Burma: Meet your new colonial master, same as the old colonial master. Having learned nothing from destroying its own environment, China has become … Continue reading

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Half of World Wildlife Wiped Out in 40 Years

The Latest Report on the Sixth Great Extinction Is Worse Than We Thought The extinction rate for both designer species and creatures you don’t even know exist is unprecedented except for catastrophic events such as asteroid strikes. This time around, … Continue reading

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The Toxic Hog Waste Lakes You Aren’t Allowed To See

Open Air Toxic Waste Lagoons Contaminate Groundwater As Bought-And-Paid For Legislators Prevent Disclosure Overflowing hog waste lagoons have caused major environmental damage when storms or sloppy maintenance cause overflows into the water supply The negative connotation of the term “pig” … Continue reading

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NASA Corroborates Giant Methane Hot Spot In Southwest USA

Four Corners Methane Gas Plume Covers An Area Twice The Size of Rhode Island Humans are more than capable of changing the earth’s atmosphere, oceans and any other ecosystem standing in the way of our onslaught. We have been doing … Continue reading

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