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Georgia-Pacific Sneaks A Nasty Toxic Pipeline Into the St. John’s River

Koch Brothers’ Consumer Company Deploys Plutocratic Clout To Work Around Pollution Laws* Shell game: transferring the pollutants  that killed Rice Creek into the St. John’s River. Because they can. Somewhere near Jacksonville, FL, a stealth pipeline channels wastewater pollution from … Continue reading

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Dirty Money Fuels Wei-Hock Soon’s Anti Climate Change “Science”

Greepeace’s Freedom of Information Act Documents Blow The Lid Off Willie’s Secret Funding Trail Remember Their Faces: These Are the Bastards Who Sold the Human Race Down the River For Money The strategy was first pioneered by the tobacco industry … Continue reading

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Duke Energy Finally Charged in 35 Million Gallon Coal Ash Spill

Duke Energy Will Pay $100,000,000 Fine Millions of gallons of contaminated water spewed from the unlined 27 acre storage pond. [Update Feb 21 2015 – Federal criminal charges were filed again Duke Energy alleging that the nation’s largest electric utility … Continue reading

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There is No Safe Way To Transport Fossil Fuels

UPDATE: Oil Tanker Train Canada Also Goes Up In Flames. Don’t get this one confused with the one in West Virginia Same day…different oil tanker train. Twenty-nine oil tanker cars derailed and seven of them caught fire in Ontario. The … Continue reading

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Hard to Argue With This Ocean Temperature Chart

As Ocean Warming Accelerates, The Consequences Will Surprise You The surface temperature of the North Atlantic are 21F higher than normal, causing way higher levels of water vapor in the air. Result: snow. New England is experiencing a winter storm … Continue reading

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The Once and FutureGen: Pretend Clean Coal Project Dies Again

Announced in 2003 by George W. Bush, Illinois Carbon Capture Project Allowed The Clean Coal Operatives to Tell Better Lies The reason the representation of the FutureGen project looks like an architectural model is because that’s as far as it … Continue reading

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Obama Fails to Prevent 5 Oil Pipeline Spills and Explosions in January

President Should Have Known There Would Be Major Pipeline Breaches in Montana and North Dakota and Explosions in West Virginia and Mississippi. Thanks, Obama. Boom. Another Pipeline Incident That Sort of Didn’t Make the News Following up on his lack … Continue reading

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