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Trouble At The Poles: The Ice Goeth, Man

Lowest Winter Maximum Arctic Ice Cap While Antarctic Shelf Melt Accelerates The poles of the planet Earth are warming twice as fast as the middle latitudes The cognitive dissonance singularity that characterizes our confused species causes millions of Americans to … Continue reading

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Obama Issues “In Allah We Trust” Currency

Suspected Muslim President Finally Shows His Hand* President Obama waited until the economy was fully recovered and ACA health reform was working so well that no one would notice this nasty sleight of hand Many people have been wondering why … Continue reading

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Super Cyclone Pam Flattens Vanuatu

Cyclones Are Just Like Hurricanes Except They Happen To Foreigners The president of the island nation cited climate change as a factor driving a storm onslaught of historic proportions The island archipelago of Vanuatu was struck by one of the … Continue reading

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30 Million Tons of Radioactive Fukushima Waste With Nowhere to Go

Four Years After Tsunami and Nuke Meltdown, Decontamination Is 30 Years Away When the Japanese government says they have everything under control, this is what they mean When you think of high tech solutions to decontaminating a radioactive exclusion zone, … Continue reading

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Kaboom! Another Crude Oil Tanker Train Derails And Burns

Third time in three weeks for crude oil train derailments, fireballs and conflagrations. Oil train derailment and fire near Galena, IL as modern, safe new generation oil tanker cars burn on March 5, 2015 As these things go, this week’s … Continue reading

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