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Induced Earthquakes in Oklahoma: It’s About Who Pays For The Damage

The Oil and Gas Industry Will NEVER Pay For The Property Damage They Have Caused Chart shows 2014 and 2015 earthquakes superimposed on locations of deep storage injection wells* Oklahoma officials have officially acknowledged for the first time that high … Continue reading

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The Dead Sea Is A Murder Victim

Tourism and Chemical Industries Are Finishing Off The Dead Sea Sinkholes are one sign of the impending collapse of the Dead Sea ecosystem, including massive diversion of the holy Jordan River, which is now basically a polluted remnant of its … Continue reading

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About That Weird Warm Water Anomaly of the West Coast

An Area of Water 1000 miles in Radius With Water Temperatures 2 – 7F Warmer Than The Surrounding Seas Possible explanation of the California mega-drought and New England’s scary winter A huge mass of inexplicably warm water is sitting about … Continue reading

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Chile’s Permanent Natural Disaster Juggernaut: Epic Floods, Wildfires and Drought

Wildfires and Torrential Floods Punctuate A Nine Year Drought Reservoir levels are so low that fighting wildfires is impossible It almost seems as if Chile has been selected as the epicenter for End Times practice by a malevolent deity. Or … Continue reading

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