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Contaminated Water OK for Brazilian Citizens, Not OK For Olympians

Rio de Janeiro’s Beaches And Water Sports Venues Test Like Raw Sewage Who is going to clean up this mess? The Associated Press tested the water at Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic Water Sports venue and found it to be dangerous … Continue reading

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NOAA’s Latest Report On Climate Is Not Good News

2014 Warmest Year On Record For Planet Earth A 100 mile section Interstate 10 in California was closed July 21 due to flash flooding in the midst of the epic drought* The left wing National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration and … Continue reading

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1.3 Million Gallon Tar Sands Pipeline Rupture

Chinese Company’s Failsafe System Failed To Warn of Rupture Another major pipeline spill in the oily badlands of Alberta near the tar sands boom town of Fort McMurray. Approximately 1.3 million gallons of bitumen, hydrocarbons and chemicals were spilled from … Continue reading

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Is God Backing Too Many GOP Candidates?

God Has Told Scott He Wants Him to Be President Do you want to disappoint God? Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has invoked none other than “God” as his campaign manager, asserting that the Christian deity wants him to run for … Continue reading

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Bad News Bumblebees

Rapidly leaving their habitats in the south, they are not reappearing in the north A new research report published in the journal Science concludes that bumblebee species have declined rapidly, in a pattern that moves from south to north across … Continue reading

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Your Land Is My Land, This Land Is My Land

Them Cowboy Ranchers Sure Are Whiny When They Can’t Use Your Land For Free The endless Western drought appears to be part of a government conspiracy to put ranchers out of business. Thanks Obama. Some Americans are so American that … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Toxic Railway Disaster

5,000 Residents Evacuated After Poisons Gas Spill and Fire Two mile radius evacuation zone as tanker car carrying poison burns A CSX train derailed near Knowxville, TN on July 2, releasing poison gas into the area as one of the … Continue reading

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