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Illegal Deforestation of Monarch Butterflies’ Winter Home Gets Worse

Monarchs Only Have One Winter Habitat, And Criminal Loggers Are Destroying It When the trees are gone, so are the Monarchs The illegal logging that was thought to be contained a few years ago is eating through the remaining acres … Continue reading

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3 Million Gal Toxic Mine Sludge Spill Into Animas River Triggered – Not “Caused” – By EPA

If Only It Were An Isolated Incident Nasty The Environmental Protection Agency was investigating the source of poisonous sludge leak at the Gold King Mine when something went dreadfully wrong. The latest estimate is that 3 million gallons of toxic … Continue reading

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Toxic Algae Invasions In the Oceans and the Great Lakes Are the Largest In History

Algae Incursions Shutting Down Fisheries and Killing Marine Life in the Earliest, Most Extensive And Most Intense Blooms on Record The naturally resilient Chinese people making the best of toxic slime Coastal algae blooms are natural to some degree, but … Continue reading

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