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Scott Free: Contradictory messages from the voices in Gov. Walker’s head

Either God has changed Scott Walker’s assignment, or Scott is confused…or worse. Meet Scott Walker, the man who broke Wisconsin and a man who can’t move a muscle until David Koch flicks his index finger. That’s because of where Koch’s … Continue reading

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Of Melting, Methane & Microbes: No Longer Lurking In the Permafrost

As Arctic permafrost and sea ice melts, that which is trapped withing the ice will emerge The once solid permafrost that makes up the tundra is falling apart. New evidence suggests that viruses once thought extinct, or never encountered before, will … Continue reading

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Suriname: The Ongoing 400 Year Rape of Land And People

Extractive Industries Carry On A Long Tradition Looting Forests and Minerals While The People Get Nothin’ A land of runaway slaves and native Indians still can’t catch a break Jammed between Guyana and French Guiana on the northern coast of … Continue reading

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Obama Hailed As State’s Rights Hero In Restoring Mountain’s Name

The Re Re Naming of a place President McKinley Never Went and Didn’t Care About McKinley and Denali When it was first announced that Mt. McKinley was going to be re re renamed by the POTUS, one of the Editorial … Continue reading

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