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Cod Collapse Caused by Rapidly Rising Ocean Temps

Profound And Sudden Changes In the Gulf of Maine As Once Stable Ecosystems Break Down Warming waters inhibit reproduction and increase mortality Humans’ best efforts at managing the rapid depletion of New England cod fisheries has fallen short as populations … Continue reading

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Cat +5 Hurricane Patricia Most Intense Storm Ever

Winds Over 200 MPH At Inland Elevations Second Most Powerful Storm Globally Was 2013 Increasingly warm ocean waters are pumping up the heat engine that is delivering more powerful storms around the world. The latest monster – which hits the … Continue reading

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Underground Chemical Fire Nears Radioactive Nuclear Waste

Slow Burning Fire and Nuclear Waste Dump Are Still 1,000 Feet Apart Don’t worry, the authorities have everything under control Nuclear power may be the “cleanest” energy source available, but there are nevertheless three pretty big problems associated with it*: … Continue reading

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Who Slimed The Ohio River: Hundres of Miles of Toxic Algae

Microcystin from farm runoff and other pollution threatens drinking water and recreation It’s not as if the Ohio River was pristine, but this toxic event is unprecedented This fall’s Ohio River toxic algae “bloom”* now stretches about 650 miles along … Continue reading

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Limbaugh Scales New Heights With His Muslim and Mars Combo Platter Conspiracy

Obama Leverages Leftist Muslim Leanings To Corrupt NASA In The Interest of Global Warming..or Something Rush Limbaugh has managed to conjoin NASA, liberals, Obama, Mars and Muslims into a giant throbbing paranoid conspiracy theory. Accusing NASA of fabricating the story … Continue reading

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