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Demi Lovato Deals Bravely With Double 2015 Losses

Loss of Dog Another Tough Blow As Singer Mourns Spawn Lovato is an inspiration to all of us as she shows that even celebrities can keep things in perspective Having already lost her dog “Buddy” earlier this year, Singer Demi … Continue reading

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Zika Pathogen Behind Thousands of Brazilian Babies Born With Deformed Brains

Several Thousand Infants Born With Microcephaly* In 2015 Mosquito borne virus has transferred from monkeys to human and is now spreading [ UPDATE JAN 28: The World Health Organization is suddenly estimating that the Zika virus has infected from 3 … Continue reading

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Iran’s Mega Drought Drives Rapid Desertification

While the Western world frets about nukes, Iran has been rapidly running out of H2O. One of many dried up rivers and lakes across Iran Iran is now seven years into a mega-drought that shows no signs of ending. As … Continue reading

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Ocean Deoxygenation Accelerating As Dead Zones Expand

Area and depth of Dead Zones Increasing Steadily Rapid biological changes in marine life is attributed to increasing temps and deoxygenation It’s not as if there is a shortage of bad news for the planetary ocean: rising temperatures, rising seas, … Continue reading

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Super Weed Outbreak Drives Rehabilitation of Dow’s WWII Agri Poison

Dow Chemical Gallops to Monsanto’s Rescue To Eliminate Outbreak of HT* Mutant Weeds EPA “Rethinks” Toxicity of Dow’s New Old WWII Weed Killer and Then Suddenly Rethinks It Again Summary: Monsanto’s RoundUp can no longer exterminate mutant plant species that … Continue reading

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Drastic Glacier Shrinkage In China Threatens Water Supply for 1.5 billion

Pace of Mountain Ice Sheets Worldwide is Not Glacial Massive glacier shrinkage not only threatens water supplies, it also causes landslides and catastrophic flooding Massive glacier shrinkage not only threatens water supplies, it also causes landslides and catastrophic flooding Chinese … Continue reading

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Dozens Dead as Azerbaijan Rig Blazes In The Caspian Sea

State Oil Company Blames Wind and Waves They all start to look alike after a while At least thirty oil workers were killed and dozens more were evacuated from an offshore oil platform owned by Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR.* … Continue reading

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Amateur Gene Editing Easier Than Ever! What Could Go Wrong?

Instant Manipulation of DNA is Now Cheaper and Faster Than Ever! Improved genome editing toolkit makes CRISPR fun for the whole family!!! While you were watching cat videos, the chapter of the human novella where we are really able to … Continue reading

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Central Valley Is Sinking 2″ Per Month As Water Tables Are Pumped Dry

1200 sq mi of California’s prime agricultural land is sinking rapidly in a slow moving disaster almost no one knows is happening Cracks in the Land, cracks in the infrastructure as aquifers collapse California’s historic drought, which began in 2011, … Continue reading

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