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Massive Pollution Release In South Florida Killing Tourism

30 Billion Gallons of Contaminated Water Dumped Into St Lucie River Watershed 30-billion gallons of polluted cane industry runoff back-pumped into the Caloosahatche and St. Lucie River Systems are wreaking havoc in these key river estuaries Billions of gallons of … Continue reading

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Range of Lobster “Epizootic” Shell Disease Spreads As Oceans Warm

Lobsters join sea stars and oysters as disease and acidification take their toll on marine species. Lobsters have joined the growing list of marine life threatened by the deterioration of the ocean ecosystem A bacteria that eats away at lobster … Continue reading

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Toxic Algae Are Sliming the Arctic And Things Are Getting Weird

An Ecosphere Millions of Years In The Making Is Changing Rapidly In Ominous Ways Carcass of dead whale shows evidence of neurotoxins The toxic algae blooms that were wreaking havoc in the Pacific Northwest in the past decade have moved … Continue reading

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That Sinking Feeling: Rising Oceans Already Displacing Humans

The Relocation of Alaskan Villages Will Create The First Official American Global Warming Refugees Kivalina is a once and soon to be former coastal village in the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska. While the right wing knuckle-draggers in … Continue reading

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