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23 Million Farm Salmon Suffocated By Toxic Algae “Event”

$800 Million Economic Toll On Mass Kill Off Warming water temperatures contribute to increasing incidents of mass fish kills The world Ocean is in bad shape: visit Ocean Ecosystem Collapse or check out the Toxic Apocalypse Hall of Fame for … Continue reading

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Illegal Logging In Chernobyl No Go Zone Produces Radioactive Lumber

If You’re Willing To Brave The Plutonium Dust and Radioactive Moss, You Too Can Make Easy Money In Illegal Logging The logs from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Don’t Really Glow, and In A Way, That’s The Problem After what remains … Continue reading

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Aussies Prepare CyHV3 Herbes Virus To Kill Off Carp Plague

But Australia’s Track Record on Invasive Species Is Like A Road Runner Cartoon Asian carp on the Illinois River leap about in reaction to a sound stimulus from officials Invasive carp – a very large, nasty fish that has become … Continue reading

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Radioactive Boar Invasion Makes Fukushima Zone A Science Fiction Reality

Just when you think the Fukushima nuclear cluster fuck saga can’t get any stranger, it gets stranger. Not only do the authorities have no idea how to get rid of the radioactive water running through the ruins, they also have … Continue reading

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Super High Tech Keystone Pipeline Done Sprung a (nother) Leak

The stretch of pipeline has closed for 5 days due to a leak.  But wait, didn’t they say…. South Dakota Farmer Loren Schultz discovered the oil leak on his property and after while TransCanada sent a guy over. Now they … Continue reading

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Bad News Climate Report Three Peat: Waters Rising Faster Than Believed

Third Independent Report Suggests Antarctic Melt Will Double Global Sea Level Surge In the past weeks, while the nation was entertained by Donald Trump and basketball, three major alarming news reports about the future of the planet have been widely … Continue reading

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White Nose Syndrome Devastating Bat Populations Coast to Coast

Millions of Bats Are Dying Yearly As Deadly Fungus Crashes North American Population  UPDATE APRIL 2016: After laying waste to brown bat populations from New York State to Nebraska, white nose syndrome has popped up suddenly in the Pacific Northwest, suggesting … Continue reading

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