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No End To Oil Spills: California Pipeline Company Spills 29,000 Gallons Near Ventura

Crimson Pipeline Company has a Record Of Screwups 11th Crude Oil Spill for Pipeline Operator Since 2006 About a year after a massive pipeline spill near Refugio State Park In Santa Barbara*, those crazy California pipeline operators bring us a … Continue reading

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Pigonometry: Scientists Are Attempting To Grow Human Organs In Pig Bodies

But Ethicists Warn of Unintended Consequences “I was talking to the pig” The Guardian, Newsweek and other news outlets report that researchers at the University of California have already begun experiments designed to grow human organs in the bodies of … Continue reading

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“Killer” Bees Moving Into the Southwest, Living Up To Their Name

Africanized Bees Move North With Global Warming Destroying an Africanized bee hive following the swarming death of a hog In April, a mosque in Arizona was swarmed by killer bees, stinging over twenty worshippers and causing the entire street to … Continue reading

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