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Arctic Ecosphere Collapse: The Strange Case of the Shaky Tundra

As (Not So) Permafrost Thaws, Methane Bubbles Cause The Ground To Wobble “Like Jelly” Not a regular subscriber to the Siberian Times? We wouldn’t miss an issue, because these guys are reporting on what amounts to the collapse of the … Continue reading

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When The Zika Virus Hits Your State, Thank the GOP

Last night in Cleveland, Mitch McConnell made a statement that is a big fat lie even for a man who has had minimal contact with the truth since the oligarchs bought his little turtle balls. The Senate Majority Leader’s statement … Continue reading

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Chinese Create A Permanent Environmental Disaster In South China Sea

International Report Shows Massive and Permanent Damage to Spratly Islands Ecosystem Illegal fishing boats tear up the reefs, leaving them lifeless According to the new report from the Hague Tribunal Permanent Court of Arbitration, China has pretty well laid waste … Continue reading

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Global Warming Hits 330 Million Indians As Floods Follow Drought

Ten farmers commit suicide every day in Maharashtra State After the heat waves and drought, water rolls off the parched lands and floods the countryside Groundwater is being pumped out of underground aquifers in the Indian State of Maharastra as … Continue reading

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Another Flammable Oil Train Derails and Blows Up In Oregon

Another trainload of fragile tanker cars went up in flames near a Mosier, OR school and neighborhood. And it ain’t going to get better any time soon, thanks to bought and paid for legislators A community of 450 and a … Continue reading

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Bolivia’s Lake Poopó Disappears for Good

Foreshadowed by a 30,000,000 fish die off in 2014, Lake Poopó dried up, forcing new climate refugees into a sad future elsewhere Lake Poopó was Bolivia’s second largest lake, second only to Lake Titicaca In December 2014, Bolivia’s Lake Poopó … Continue reading

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Australian Melomys: The First Mammal Officially Wiped Out by Human-Driven Warming

Melomys island habitat near the Great Barrier Reef is inundated by sea water – Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide Rapidly rising tides eliminate another Australia life form as seawater covers the atoll where the melomys lived up to around … Continue reading

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Florida’s Stinking Toxic Algae Slime Outbreak: State of Emergency Declared, Beaches Closed

The boys who own the sugar plantations won’t let the Army Corps of Engineers fix the problem The one thing photos can’t convey is the horrific, pervasive and dangerous stink that accompanies toxic algae incursions. This stuff isn’t just gross, … Continue reading

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