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Massive Yellowstone River Fishkill Points to the Bad New Normal

183 Mile Stretch of the Yellowstone is Closed to All Activities As Whitefish, Trout and Other Species Go Belly Up Those who would like you to believe that global warming might not be such a bad thing don’t seem to … Continue reading

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The A B C’s of Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse As Larsen C Rift Grows

Larsen C is the eleventh major Antarctic shelf to break off immense slabs of sea ice, with dire consequences for the near future. Alarming, nation-sized chunks of sea ice have been breaking off the main Antarctic Ice Shelves for the … Continue reading

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Does God Know Something About Tony Perkins That Tony Perkins Doesn’t Know?

Fresh faced Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has made a lot of money leveraging and pumping up the hateful attitudes of his Christian constituents. During his lucrative career in the family values racket, Tony has specialized in LGBT … Continue reading

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“Can People Live in Fire?*” Record Heat Is Making The Middle East Unlivable

Scorched Landscape Suggests The End Times Have Already Begun In The Middle East [This post is based on original stories in the Washington Post, The Independent (UK), the Guardian (UK) and] A vast area of the planet that American’s … Continue reading

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Water Crisis At the Third Pole: Waiting For Glacial Tidal Wave From Shako Cho Lake

Himalayan Village Is In the Path of A Global Warming Catastrophe That Will Wash It Off the Map GLOF is an acronym that means natural mounds that contain a glacier lake are suddenly breached and the villages below are wiped … Continue reading

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It Came From the Permafrost: Once Dormant Anthrax Microbes Cause Outbreak In Siberia

Two humans and thousands of reindeer dead as zombie microbes emerge during 95F Siberian heat spell Russian authorities have sealed off the area and declared there is no epidemic. That’s how you know there is an epidemic. As the climate continues … Continue reading

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Once Rare Rain Bombs Are Now Not So Rare As Extreme Rainfall Events Increase

UPDATE AUG 7: A rain bomb killed dozens of people in Skopje, Macedonia on August 6 as record breaking rainfall blasted the capital city and caused record breaking floods. As is generally the case with microbursts, the intensity was not … Continue reading

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