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Weakening Ocean Conveyor Will Fundamentally Change Northern Hemisphere Climate

Relationship Between Collapsing Ice Sheets And Gulf Stream Shut Down Most people know that the Gulf Stream is responsible for keeping Northern Europe and the northern Western Hemisphere temperate. It is the driving component of a planetary current system known … Continue reading

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Sinkhole Opens Beneath Radioactive Waste Storage, Discharges 215 Million Gallons Into Aquifer

Drinking water supply in Central Florida threatened by massive radioactive waste discharge from phosphate plant Contamination from fertilizer operations are a growing statewide problem as repeat offender repeats again. It took the company 3 weeks to notify the public that … Continue reading

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330,000 Gallon Pipeline Spill Prompts State of Emergency In 3 Southern States

As Indians Fight New Dakota Access Pipeline, An Old One Ruptures In Alabama [ Irony alert: abandoned mining waste pond saves wildlife management area? ] A major oil rupture and spill on Colonial Pipeline Co’s main East-Week carrier of refined … Continue reading

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And Now: August 2016 Ties July For Earth’s Hottest Month On Record Globally

The Planet Doesn’t Care If Humans “Believe” Or Not Continuing an uninterrupted streak of consecutive records, the month of August just passed has smoked the temps of the previous hottest August in terms of global temperatures. NASA also reports that … Continue reading

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Poachers Slaughter 30% of African Elephant Population in 7 Years

“Great Elephant Census” Shows Another 144,000 Elephants Killed For Their Ivory Heavily armed and well connected gangs are killing the world’s elephants at an accelerated pace, according to a new report released by the Great Elephant Census and reported by … Continue reading

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