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Arctic Sea Ice Extent Dips Below Previous 2012 Record As Collapse Continues

All bets are off as the Arctic literally enters uncharted waters amid continuing high temperatures. Sea ice extent and thickness are recovering more slowly than any year on record following the official 2016 summer minimum recorded Sept. 10. That minimum … Continue reading

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Deaths Slowly Increasing From Flesh Eating Bacteria

Those who witnessed Michael Funk’s rapid death in Maryland described it as a “like a horror movie,” but it no movie. It was the flesh eating microbe, Vibrio vulnificus You’ll never go in the water again. As the oceans warm, … Continue reading

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116 Students Died In ’66 When Coal Slag Heap Mountain Crushed A Welsh Village

Aberfan Remembers 50 Year Anniversary of the Day They Lost Their Children One of the few survivors of the 1966 Aberfan coal waste landslide disaster remembers that the school children were beginning the day with “All Things Bright & Beautiful”. … Continue reading

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Tasmania’s Marine Forest Cooked By Hot Ocean Currents

Eastern Tasmania’s oceans are warming two to three time faster than “normal”, a process that has already killed off an iconic underwater ecosystem The great kelp forest off the southeastern coast of Tasmania was a unique underwater ecosystem that had … Continue reading

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1,100 East Chicago Resident Forced to Leave Due To Lead And Arsenic Contamination

Governor Works For Trump While East Chicago Residents Look For A Place To Live On Sept 1, 2016 the Mayor of East Chicago told the 1,100 residents of the West Calumet Housing Complex they need to find a new place … Continue reading

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Starving Yemeni Children Concerned Over Kardashian Crisis

“You know it was horrible what happened to her.” – Khloe Kim Kardashian’s sister Khloe reported to Ellen Degeneris that Kim is still not doing well after being tied up by robbers while her body guard was out guarding her … Continue reading

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Aral Sea: Toxic Dust Storms Where There Once Was A Sea

One of the world’s worse environmental disasters is a manmade catastrophe The Aral Sea has been drying up and shrinking since the Soviets diverted the rivers that fed it in the 1960s’ It is now 10% of its original size … Continue reading

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Killer Robots Deployed to Destroy Invasive Lionfish

Nothing Else Has Been Able To Kill This Invasive Ocean Predator As It Lays Waste To the Eastern Seaboard The latest plan to slow down the onslaught of the voracious Lionfish along the Eastern Seaboard will be unique in that … Continue reading

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