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Drone Tractors: Putting Farmer Brown Out To Pasture

Autonomous, GPS Guided, Data Driven Farm Equipment Is the Next Step In Industrial Agriculture And The Latest Example of Incipient Human Obsolescence Tractor above: Case IH Autonomous Concept Vehicle from Case IH Agriculture While the concept of a giant GPS … Continue reading

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Earthquakes Powered By Runaway Global Warming: No It’s Not A Conspiracy Theory

Increase in Powerful Quakes May Be Related To Ice Sheets Getting “Lighter” and More Extreme Storms Think of the Earth As A Giant Plastic Ball And Everything Starts To Make Sense  The planet Earth is changeable and inherently unstable. Whenever … Continue reading

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Mass Reindeer Die Off As Arctic Climate System Collapses

New Report Details the Results of Arctic Amplification On The Permafrost Ecology [November 17: the Arctic is 36 degrees Fahrenheit degrees warmer than normal and Siberia is 60 degrees colder. Meteorologists are more or less freaking out] [Sea ice extent is … Continue reading

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“Charlie Brown” Wises Up to Republican Tricks

This time, place kick that football where the sun don’t shine, Charlie Brown In the year 2000 the election was stolen by George W. Bush because GOP shenanigans in Florida. He did not win the popular vote. Al Gore conceded … Continue reading

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Another 5.0 Quake In Oklahoma As Oil Industry Plays With Fire At Cushing Hub

Latest Quake Strikes Near Cushing, OK Mega Tank Farm, A Disaster Waiting to Happen The only people that doubt oil and gas fracking waste disposal wells are causing the amazing spike in Oklahoma earthquakes are the people in the pockets … Continue reading

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Second Pipeline Blast In Alabama (in 2 Months) Kills 1, Burns 5 More

And This is The What The Oil Industry Calls the “Safest” Means of Transport Shelby County, Alabama experienced its second major pipeline explosion on the Colonial Pipeline as another blast shook the town of Helena. Citizens within 5 miles of … Continue reading

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